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    The Star and Garter: Sat 11th October "Let's Make This Precious"

    Saturday 11th October at the Star and Garter - proud home of the Morrissey and Smiths Disco and the annual Moz Army meet.... "Let's Make This Precious" begins after a succesful run at Gullivers in the Northern Quarter. It's £3 on the door before 11.30pm. Expect to hear: Morrissey, the...
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    "Let's Make This Precious" at Gullivers (MCR) Fri 22nd Aug - Morrissey, Motown, Bowie...

    This Friday at Gulliver's it's "Let's Make This Precious" - soul, girl groups, indie and post-punk amongst other things. There's a lot of Morrissey and Smiths, and because it's bank holiday weekend it's only £1 in for the whole night. What we do is: Lots of soul (Motown, Stax, Northern)...
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    Let's Make This Precious - club night in Manchester (Gullivers, Oldham St)

    This Friday at Gulliver's it's "Let's Make This Precious" - indie, soul, 60s girl groups, glam, punk. There's a lot of Morrissey and Smiths, we'll definitely be playing a few tracks off 'World Peace...' this Friday I should think too. £1 in before 11.30pm, £2 in after - and we are fortunate...
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    New Manchester night that plays lots of Moz/Smiths "Let's Make This Precious" @ Gullivers

    New night in Manchester, we ran last month and it was great, usually on fourth Friday of the month but due to Glasto commitments it's on a Wednesday night this time. We play loads of Moz and Smiths amongst quite a bit of soul.
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    "Let's Make This Precious" Gullivers May 23rd indie/soul/punk/glam/girl groups

    New night starting at Gulliver's in Manchester (the upstairs bit), we play Morrissey (not just the Smiths like many indie nights) along with all sorts more! Begins Friday May 23rd for just £1, in June it's on Wednesday 18th then from July onwards it's the fourth friday of every month. SOUL &...
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    Smiths event in Manchester this Thursday (Apr. 12)

    To complement the exhibition The Gospel According To (Part 1), which explores connections between The Smiths and the work of major contemporary European artists which is on at the Manchester Cornerhouse this week there will be a panel discussion. Tickets are £5.50 or £4.50 for concessions and...
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    Grimsby after-show

    I'd be well up for it and I'm with quite a sizeable group for it
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    Viva Morrissey - Gigs July / August

    Bad news about the roof...I'd just started queing and all
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    Viva Morrissey - Gigs July / August

    Well up for the Blackburn gig, Viva Blackburn, North Bar is a decent room, well recommend anyone from Manchester way getting down there
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