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  1. CHMozheart

    Question Can you see the black cloud?

    Can you remember the name ? Is it from a movie or something?
  2. CHMozheart

    Preshow music question (classical and other)

    Does someone knows the names of all the classical music played in the pre show waiting ?
  3. CHMozheart

    Question Can you see the black cloud?

    I would like to know the same, by now It’s a full mistery
  4. CHMozheart

    Speedway Spanish lyrics?

    There was a lot of people working on the spirit traslate and intention for Speedway spanish-verse. Gustavo made an incredible work.
  5. CHMozheart

    Years of Refusal - mix question

    I'm a musician and producer. I think that the mix in YOR is very nasty, they try to put it on a punk-way mixing, it is not a clear sound like WPINOYB or INADOAC, it's the post-modern punk version on Morrissey. Even when you hear I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris (single version) the mix is more...
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