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  1. McLovin

    Homeless fella sings "Creep"

    As I understand it, a homeless gentleman by the name of Daniel Mustard came to a morning radio program to play one of those wacky games that DJs invariably like to play. The DJs came to learn that Daniel Mustard plays the guitar whereupon the DJs handed Mustard a guitar, and this is what...
  2. McLovin

    The OFFICIAL Miscellaneous Football (Soccer) Thread

    I'm usually half asleep during CL group stages, but that certainly hasn't been the case this year. Liverpool, where do I begin? It seems that fourth place is all you've got to hope for, but even that's hardly an easy proposition considering that you don't have money to burn while City can't...
  3. McLovin

    Rodrigo y Gabriela

    Anyone else into 'em? I think they're fabulous. For the uninitiated, their story's relatively unique. They started out in a thrash metal band in Mexico City. But realizing that they weren't making any headway, they decided to try their luck in Ireland. After bouncing around pubs and the...
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