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  1. nursejuju

    Comment by 'nursejuju' in media 'save me'

    fyi this drawing was done by me
  2. nursejuju

    Lifeguard On Duty Chords?

    i love this song, personally instead of just playing 'Am' in the chorus i just barr the 5th fret playing only the bottom 4 string hammering on and off the seventh fret on 'e' i play it the same way as listed above by everyone else. i posted a video on youtube showing what i mean...
  3. nursejuju

    hey i noticed your in vitorville, by any chance do you know of anyone interested in starting a...

    hey i noticed your in vitorville, by any chance do you know of anyone interested in starting a smiths/early 90's moz cover band? let me know, by the way i'm juju
  4. nursejuju

    I started a smiths guitar blog

    i'll definately drop by... and i finally started playing headmasters ritual in open e with capo 2nd fret.... IT'S EASIER THAN I EXPECTED thanks too all the vids on you blog lol :thumb::thumb:
  5. nursejuju

    Most difficult song to master?

    i can't lie most of the songs are very hard to master. it took me about 2 years to get 'girl afraid' just right and i still fumble with the intro from time to time. i'm having trouble with 'headmasters ritual' because the timing has to be done just right .especially trying to play it in...
  6. nursejuju

    What is the easiest Smith song to play?

    'please please please' is very easy with exception to the interlude part. 'frankly mr shankly' is also very easy and very fun to play
  7. nursejuju

    I started a smiths guitar blog

    i'm a huge fan of the blogand used it many times when i couldn't figure out songs using the smiths chord book, thank you for taking your time to share marrs work with the public. just wanted to get that out there.
  8. nursejuju


    oddly enough i use a firstact delay pedal....the cheap beginner brand... i was bored and saw it at toys-r-us one day and it turned out to be a great pedal for the marr style reverb/delay that i've been using for years. if you set it right you can get great effects for such songs such as 'girl...
  9. nursejuju

    Which Smiths/Morrissey songs do you find most fun to play?

    smiths; girl afraid, vicar in a tutu, there is a light morrissey;jack the ripper, boy racer i can play more however i play these quite frequently
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