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    The Free Dictionary website (UK vs US)

    Have you noticed when looking on there are speakers with US and UK flags behind them? If you click on the US one you hear the word in an American accent and if you click on the UK one, it's a British accent, very posh British accent I might add...most of us here don't...
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    John Lithgow (not work safe...I don't think)

    Ever since I saw Cliffhanger, I've always been slightly attracted to John Lithgow. Now I find out he's in the next series of Dexter. AMERICANS DON'T TELL US WHAT HAPPENS. It's not been shown over here in the UK yet. After seeing it being advertised on telly, I've seen a couple of clips on...
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    Mobile Phones

    That's cell phones for the yanks out there. I recently bought a Samsung Tocco Lite or whatever it is. One of the touch screen phones and I want to personalise my ringtones via iTunes. Only problem is the CD I got with the phone is saying that it's not compatible with my windows. I use...
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    Facebook US & Facebook UK

    So I was on the login page on Facebook and accidentally clicked on one of the languages that are listed across the page, when I clicked back on English, I realised that there was an English US and English UK. I clicked on both and saw the only difference is above where you type your password...
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    Songs about peace

    Give Peace A Chance
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    What's the most controversial thing Morrissey could do?!

    I think a duet with Ted Nugent. Or maybe appearing on The F Word with Gordon Ramsey. I know he doesn't like Jamie Oliver but what does he think of Gordon or Marco Pierre White?? Getting friendly with Jeremy Clarkson would sorry some people.
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    Queen vs ABBA

    Who were the best 70s band??? It's gotta be Queen.
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    Morrissey and Yoko Ono

    Imagine if Morrissey got together with Yoko and the first time he's open about his sexuality and being in a relationship is when he falls in love with Yoko Ono and they declare their love to the world. How do you think the public would react? Would Morrissey find someone like Yoko attractive...
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    Would you let Morrissey make you fail?

    So you're taking your driving test and some Moz fans are screaming and getting excited saying that Morrissey is at the local gym. Your examiner tells you to turn left at the next junction, making you travel in the opposite direction. Do you follow your examiner's order and try and pass your...
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    Have you ever listened to a song on a loop?

    I fell in love with House Of Wax by Paul McCartney when I first heard it and I listened to it on a loop for about an hour and a half. What songs have you listened to on a loop and for how long in one go? Do you think if you keep listening to the same song over and over for a long period of...
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    Is Morrissey a cheeseaholic?

    For a vegetarian he's quite fat, he must eat a lot of cheese. He needs to go to a CA meeting (cheeseaholics anonymous). Either that or he eats too much cake. Maybe he just doesn't exercise and sits at home and drinks beer. Or he lives on a diet of crisps and chocolate. What do you guys...
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    The Hollies

    Who likes them? I'm going to see them in Glasgow this Sunday, only decided to go and see them at the beginning of the week and already have everything booked. Their new album is really good and I can't wait to see them. Feel free to post videos I tried but they didn't work. I can never...
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    Do you like your boss? I HATE mine!

    So...I want to go and see Morrissey in Manchester and I needed to get 23rd off work. I'm going to the 22nd one on Moz's birthday but as it's all the way in Manchester I won't get back in time to work the next day. Luckily I don't work Fridays so I only had one day to get off. Well my boss...
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    Is It Okay For Vegetarians To Kill Spiders?

    I am a veggie and my mother says that I should not squash/kill or hoover up spiders. Thing is I'm scared of spiders and everytime I see them I have to get rid (kill) them. I can't get rid of them without killing them because I'm scared that they'll crawl all over me. The same goes for other...
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    1 Ticket for the Wireless Festival £20 ono

    I have a spare ticket that I will sell for £20 ono. You can meet me at the festival or I can send it to you special delivery, up to you. This is a Fanclub Early Entry ticket.
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    Time Travel To Start This Year? "Laws of physics dictate that time travel into the past is only possible as far as the point when the first time machine was invented. That means that any time travellers in the future will be unable to travel back...
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    Is Morrissey a hippy?

    My sister thinks so.
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    How tall is Moz?

    Hey everyone I'm new here, been a fan of Morrissey for about 4/5 years which is probably not as long as a lot of people here. So does anyone know how tall Morrissey is?
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