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    Hot Topic to sell special colored vinyl variant (fluorescent orange) of "World Peace..."

    Mine has finally hit the UK and has been held in customs for a week. Now they're charging me extra. I got two... one for me, one for a friend. Sheesh.
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    Hot Topic to sell special colored vinyl variant (fluorescent orange) of "World Peace..."

    There appear to be some online now.
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    Vauxhall, Southpaw & Maladjusted vinyls?

    Ah, thanks. I'll check out the sister ray website. And no, £200 is a bit much.
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    Vauxhall, Southpaw & Maladjusted vinyls?

    After having to sell these a few months ago due to ongoing having to eat issues, I've now recovered my finances to such a degree that I can afford them again. Anyone selling any of them? Reasonably priced?
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    NME Letters page, 10th August

    not robert from the cure. definitely! he would never the use the words 'cool and outrageous'.
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    Middlesbrough - Town Hall (July 8, 2011) post-show

    i'm pretty sure this is the same guy that was stood just behind me. the most out of tune voice screaming in my ear (fortunately he only knew the lyrics to about four songs!) but he was having such a good time I couldn't get too pissed off at him. that bit was, however, very annoying.
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    getting his autograph before a gig chances?

    so that's a maybe then?
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    getting his autograph before a gig chances?

    what are the chances of him stopping to sign an album for me next week at boro if i wait at the stage door when he arrives? does he generally stop and sign a few or just go in and ignore anyone waiting? i really want my vauxhall vinyl signed. and, if he is likely to sign, what time does he...
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    middlesbrough standing tickets - seetickets now!

    over on seetickets... just nabbed a single standing
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    Time to Hire a Songwriter?!

    i'd like to hear morrissey do something backed by the arctic monkeys, which is strange 'cos while i like the arctic monkeys, i'm not in love with them. i just think they'd make some great music for morrissey and he'd sound great singing the stuff they'd written for him. go on, kill me...
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    Any more fans of....on this board?

    i don't mind a bit of VdGG (pawn hearts and wave particularly) and i used to totally like sidi bou said back in the day but i haven't heard them in a while. in fact, i might dig out that twilight eyes for a listen.
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    vauxhall and i vinyl sleeve

    just wondering if anyone knows why the sleeve photos on the v&i vinyl are such poor quality. very blurry! the hand pics on the inside sleeve and back cover look particularly bad! guess he just wanted it like that... weird!
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    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    i think they're okay. i like the kid's a looker best. not subtle though, are they?
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    The Cure - Strange Darlings - The Lost Song - 2008

    the You're So Happy is by someone called Joep Geevers. no idea who it is. as black cloud said, thank you.
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    The Cure - Strange Darlings - The Lost Song - 2008

    what's the version of you're so happy! is it one of the lost flowers instrumentals or does it have words? edit:just as i suspected... that's not the cure doing that song. it's a group i can't remember the name of recording robert's lyrics to their own song. oh well... the search goes on.
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    Anyone got a Vauxhall and I vinyl for sale?

    Long shot, I know... but anyone willing to sell me a decent Vauxhall and I vinyl at a reasonable price? i'd love you mucho! :) pm me if you can help me out. ta.
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    Stunning news from

    Re: The Autographed picture that came with the Glam Glue bundle well, they either come clean and let us know what's happening or they can kiss any more money from me goodbye. small loss to them, i'm sure, but i hate being taken for a fool. i'd have just bought the vinyl (probably from ebay) and...
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    My first book - Screw, God and the Universe - is out now.

    I'm not sure if anyone knows I write but my first book - Screw, God and the Universe - is finally available for public consumption. It's only £6.99 and cheap at twice the price! Plus shipping, of course! You can find out more about it and buy it (paperback and ebook) here...
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    Favorite female singer

    at the moment, Anna Calvi
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