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  1. mexico

    Own Morrissey's jacket from the "World Peace..." promo photo - only $2500! - The Golden Closet

    Golden Closet are selling one of Morrissey's jackets from the World Peace promo photo shoot. MORRISSEY 1950s Black Wool Suit Jacket - The Golden Closet Item # M0380 Price: $2,500.00 This jacket was worn by Morrissey for a July 2014 promotional image for his new album release “World Peace Is...
  2. mexico

    Oasis Radio Edits Request

    I'm been hunting for Oasis track 'Whatever' the Radio Edit not the album version, I believe it was released as a promo, all the download links i've found are dead, has anyone got it(or any other Oasis-Radio Edits) that they can share with me please?
  3. mexico

    Suedehead single on ebay

    is this from the singles boxset?:
  4. mexico

    Buying Morrissey CDs in Hong Kong

    hi guys, i'm travelling to Hong Kong in the spring and as with all trips i shop for morrissey/smiths cd's when i'm away, question is i've seen a few posts on this forum saying not to trust cd's from HK, is this the same for the HK shops for just ebay??? cheers
  5. mexico

    Rage Against The Machine-Killing In The Name for Xmas No.1

    ok so its not a Morrissey/Smiths track but for 50p we can help stop the crap that is the yearly X-Factor Christmas no.1, so go on download Killing In The Name.
  6. mexico

    When Last I Spoke To Carol (remix) Single-U.S Itunes

    Today on the U.S version of Itunes new releases is: When Last I Spoke To Carol (Toy Selectah Mix) Single, $1.29, has 'official' Morrissey logo on the 'artwork'
  7. mexico

    Best place to buy promo's

    Can anyone recommend any websites to buy Morrissey/Smith cd Promo's (to start my promo collection) i use Ebay all the time but dont trust 60% of the promo cd's on there, can anyone help?
  8. mexico

    Digital Booklet - Everyday Is Like Sunday / Disappointed (Digital 45)

    just downloaded the Everyday Is Like Sunday/Disappointed Digital 45 single from itunes for the Digital Booklet-what a rip-off it looks like they have just scanned the LP, at least it was only $1.49. Couldnt find any others, any know of other single 'Digital Booklets'
  9. mexico

    You Are The Quarry Deluxe DVD Live Videos

    hi not sure if this has been posted before:
  10. mexico

    Swords has Leaked!

    was on a download blog this afternoon and Swords is on there! didnt download it but checked the links and they work.
  11. mexico

    Marilyn Manson - The High End Of Low
  12. mexico

    Great Yarmouth Unreserved Seats??

    see tickets lists the Great Yarmouth tickets as Unreserved Seats, seems like a very bad idea if theres no standing in the small venue!
  13. mexico

    Non Singles Playlist

    I want to do a 15 track Morrissey cd/playlist for a non-fan friend, i dont want any released singles on it, i have a couple so far: 1. Friday Mourning 2. I Like You any more ideas guys?
  14. mexico

    this is not your country mp3

    sorry if this has been posted before
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