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    Looking for Asheville tickets

    Does anyone have two tickets to sell for the show at The Orange Peel in Asheville? Please message me. Thanks
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    Belfast has leaked so why not...

    Mr Reynolds, You have some good stuff.. and I thank you for sharing. Maybe on a good day you can find it in your heart to share with us and you can call me out if you don't have these... 1 Dennis cock all song ( swallow on my neck ) 2 Kit (Moz Vocals) 3 It's hard to walk tall (97) 4...
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    I am tickeled shitless...

    My wife and I just got tickets to see Clan Of Xymox Sept. 20th in Orlando, Fl The only US date... Wooot Wooot
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    Smoe Morrissey vinyl I am selling

    Roy's 12" Beethoven LP Vauxhall Lp World Of LP
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    Morrissey Shot?

    Can someone tell me why there are two different covers for this book? Are they different editions? Or printed in different countries? Thanks
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    mr improper douche?

    What happened to that douche bag? He posted here for a long time and then dropped.... Maybe he took up with another fad forum he can bombard, like The Backstreet Boys? Anyone know???
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    Lookout Records... Jeff Ott.... Crimphsrine...

    Anyone fans of the early Lookout Bands??? Crimpshrine, Fifteen, Rice, Green Day, Screeching Weasel, SpitBoy, Op Ivy?????
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    The more You ignore - Abbey Road Promo cass

    Can someone give me some information on this cass? I was bidding on it but got out bidded. It has two versions of The More You Ignore me Lifeguard Sleeping and Black Eyed Susan I looked on passions but I didn't find anything. Thanks
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    request.. I know it is a long shot...

    But does anyone have Knoxville, TN. Myrtle Beach, SC. and Greenville, SC? All 2007. I know Dave Hamlin has them but I don't think he shares on here...
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    Anyone get any Moz/Smiths items for Christmas?

    My wife got me the promo 7" of Ignore Me. Mint as can be... Very beautiful... Next???
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    Samiam, great band....

    Do you guys like Samiam? Great albums like "You Are Freaking Me Out" , "Clumsy", "Astray" Sergie Loobkoff is a great guy. We drank beers the Bar and talked music before they went on at a club in Columbia, SC. The year was 2000... That was the last time I saw them .... Anyway check them out...
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    Greatist hits Q

    Does anyone know if it will be pressed on vinyl? Will the 7" single be shipped with the pre order from HVM? Or where can I purchas it from? Thanks
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    What Morrissry item would you want for Christmas besides tickets....

    Mine would be the promo 7"s The More You Ignore Me Jack The Ripper Have A Go Hold On To Your Friends
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    Videos from The Greenville Show. 11/04/2007

    My girlfriend took these videos when we were at the Greenville show.. Enjoy...
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    Looking for "Certain People" uk 7"

    Please if anyone has a copy to sell PM me... I have been looking for this 7" for awhile now... Thanks Jason
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    Who all is going to the Greenville SC show?

    Greenville is 30 mins. from where I live. There is a lot of little cool shops downtown. Jen and I will be there Saturday walking around. Since Moz is off on Saturday maybe he will be doing some site seeing in Greenville. There is a lot of pubs if anyone wants to meet up for some drinks Saturday...
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    Looking for these 7"s

    Certain People I Know Fatty Sunny Interlude Please PM me with a price a condition if you have a spare....
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    Morrissey Sampler 98?

    I think this promo was sent out in 98.. Morrissey Sampler Reprise PRO-CD-9492-R Is it a rare find?
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    Looking for unreleased songs....

    Which I know exist... It's Hard To Walk Tall (97 demo) No One Can Hold A Candle (97 demo) Kit (Moz vocals) Belfast Dennis Cockall Song (early version of Swallow On My Neck)
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