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  1. LukaInExile

    I would like to buy this website

    How much are you willing to sell it for?
  2. LukaInExile

    People should view Alain Whytes Myspace page...

    And listen to his music. You will hear some great tunes that Morrissey chooses not to work with. Jesse disappoints me I guess.
  3. LukaInExile

    Ticketmaster going down hard!!! Sued in Quebec

    First I pointed out TMs scam, then Bruce Springsteen, and now $500 million lawsuit in Quebec. Here hoping TM will get a simlar lawsuit in the States!!! Fair warning, this i written in Quebec, so they use Celine Dion ticket sales as an example. Do people in Canada really like her? In...
  4. LukaInExile

    PETA uses KKK imagery at dog show protest

    Seriously. Who the fuck runs the show at PETA. KKK, exploiting women. I\'m vegetarian but I want to eat a steak in protest of PETA. They are turning more people off of vegetarianism.
  5. LukaInExile

    How can hippies afford this??
  6. LukaInExile

    what is considered on topic and off topic?

    I started a thread in the General Discussion about how i noticed gaps in morrisseys teeth and remarked it may be a receding gum line. I figure since it is about Morrissey it belongs there. But it was moved to the off topic forum. Are we not allowed to post threads that may upset morrissey...
  7. LukaInExile

    Morrissey needs dental work

    I noticed this before. A lot of people start to get the whole receding gum lines and gaps between the teeth when they get older. My dentist says it already looks promising for me and I am almost 30. But there are simple procedures to fix this. And for someone like morrissey who has money...
  8. LukaInExile much to answer for.

    A bunch of whiny wankers, with ugly teeth, whose females are jealous of all the beautiful Polish girls infiltrating their country, who lost the American Revolution and has since been America\'s bitch. Discuss. :)
  9. LukaInExile

    To hell with Obama!!!

    So many of us in the USA had high hopes for Obama. But then he started putting together his team and the members outright suck. He\\\\\\\'s pissing off many people...from his gay supporters, to his environment supporters. For example, concerning his Secretary of Agriculture pick. Fuck this...
  10. LukaInExile

    Anyone here on a Raw Food Vegan diet?

    Curious. I\'m transitioning to one. I\'m not planning to be 100% raw though.
  11. LukaInExile

    POST Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment (Pigsty Edition)

    It seems to be a popular thread in the normal people section. So maybe it will succeed here too.
  12. LukaInExile

    I fell in love with the wrong people

    will I ever get it right? Just thought someone might be interested. Sharing means caring. Love peace and harmony. A drunk boy should not be on the computer. Do not press send. Make sense for once.
  13. LukaInExile

    Why do anarchists destroy small business shops during riots?

    I am sure there are some anarchists here who could answer this question. I have been looking at footage of the Greece riots. First of all, let me say I think it is healthy for a society to stand up and remind the police/military/government not to overstep their boundary. If that means a riot...
  14. LukaInExile

    What you want Obama to do?

    Here is my list: --Get rid of Hate Press. Make it illegal. In other words, bring an end to conservative talk radio and TV. --Extend the term of president to life. Starting with him. At the end of his term, reinstate the term limit to 4 years. --Get rid of the Judicial and...
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