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  1. nickname eazy-e

    Your favorite westside song

    tell 'em, homie!
  2. nickname eazy-e

    The only decent person on the suspicious user list

    Aw, hell naw! I KNOW you are not gonna forget Eazy-E.
  3. nickname eazy-e

    Tupac is Alive!

    aw, hell naw
  4. nickname eazy-e

    R. Kelly Fan Club

    He can't rhyme that fool sounds like he's reading the newspaper or some shit
  5. nickname eazy-e

    R. Kelly Fan Club

    you better recognize I said fuck R Kelly Bitch, I'm Eazy-E don't make me have to grab you by your fucked up weave
  6. nickname eazy-e

    bitches wanna noe! (freestyle here)

    bitches wanna noe what's the muthafuckin deal I got more rhyme appeal than shaquille o'neal just the facts man you don't know how to act when you see the uzi in the front and the shotgun in the back (blam)
  7. nickname eazy-e

    because I'm a gangsta having fun?

    because I'm a gangsta having fun?
  8. nickname eazy-e

    Strange Fascinations

    This is a damn old david bowie song
  9. nickname eazy-e

    Cloning Pets

    White people are crazy!
  10. nickname eazy-e

    Annoying supermarket customers

    There are some annoying customers when I go to the liquor store, you can quote me on that. Make a n*88a like me have to grab my strap and show some stupid compton bitch where the fuck it's at.
  11. nickname eazy-e

    New visitor messages now placed in moderation queue

    "you spent the whole evening ranting and raving" sounds like an old 40's song. The first two lines sound more like Chuck D. Like You need to wake the hell up. ya know? (yeah boyee!) Remember when you thought I a was terrorizing you could be the start of a Public Enemy song
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