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    Anyone in Chat the other night for the NHS vs US private debate

    For those in chat the other night. I have to admit some defeat! I said the other night how poorly my GP treated me and raised his voice to me the two times I took the baby to the doctor. Today, I switched GP's. This one is closer to home as well. And the doctor there was LOVELY. She was an...
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    Does anyone use this site? I think it's fantastic, but I'm obsessing about the books I can swap in the future. Very bad. If you've used it, how did you find it?
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    I'm desperate to remember something

    I'm trying to remember a chronology of events that happened in my home last week. And I cannot remember the day. But I do remember that Dennis Healy was on some politics show, cause I thought he looked really old. Did anyone happen to catch this programme and do they remember which evening last...
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