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  1. Max Bialy

    I don't like Johnny Marr

    You clearly need new glasses. Here you go:
  2. Max Bialy


    I have only heard a few Rammstein tracks, but I really liked them. So I'm asking for recommendations – which tracks should I check out if I like "Rammstein", "Wollt ihr das bett in flammen sehen", "Mein herz brennt" and "Reise, reise"? Grateful for any suggestion.
  3. Max Bialy

    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

  4. Max Bialy

    If you were told to pick only one song by Morrissey?

    The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
  5. Max Bialy

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100 - FINAL RESULTS 2010

    Ah yes of course, very perceptive. In my ignorance I voted 10s for many Smiths tracks and doled out 5s for several solo efforts... and not because (as I thought prior to being enlightened by you) the Smiths songs are superior in every way, I realize now after your post of clarity it was because...
  6. Max Bialy

    The Moz/Smiths Top 100 - FINAL RESULTS 2010

    Re: The Moz/Smiths Top 100, FINAL RESULTS 2010!! It pains me to see the low placings of the wonderful unreleased tracks... but thanks, Houdini!
  7. Max Bialy

    Your latest buy

    Starmarket "Nailbox" limited 7" Psychotic Youth "Devils Train" 7"
  8. Max Bialy

    Moz GPS - What would it say?

    Upon asking for the route to... ...London: "Why do you smile when you think about Earls Court?" ...Swedish industry Drags: "I swear to God, I never even knew what Drags were." ...Brussels: "Please the press in Belgium!" ...the green zone in Baghdad: "I forced you into a zone and you were...
  9. Max Bialy

    Album / Artist of the Decade (please exclude Morrissey)

    Artist: White Stripes Album: Arcade Fire "Neon bible"
  10. Max Bialy

    Johnny Cash, American VI: Ain't No Grave will be out February 26

    Great to finally see it released. I just hope that the Amazon track listing is wrong (like the moderator of the official JC site says it might be), it's only half of what the rumoured track listing was: Either way it'll be...
  11. Max Bialy

    Albums to look forward to in 2010

    Arcade Fire and Johnny Cash.
  12. Max Bialy

    Morrissey statement on TTY 06/01/10

    They released four albums, that is quite a long time to produce something regarded as "shit". For most bands two records is more than sufficient...
  13. Max Bialy

    Moz and the heckler

    Yeah. And telling the spectator "you can fuck yourself" after throwing him out for saying the same thing? Pot, kettle...
  14. Max Bialy

    Which is Morrissey's worst album cover?

    Can't choose between these three, all poor in different ways: "Southpaw grammar" = no Moz, bad idea. "Maladjusted" reissue = I hate the shades, the clothes and the pose. "Swords" = completely lacking in energy. The best cover of his solo career is "Everyday is like Sunday", hands down.
  15. Max Bialy

    Best Morrissey-single of the decade

    I agree – but not in the positive way in which you mean it... :)
  16. Max Bialy

    Favourite Unreleased Track?

    No, once officially released they don't belong in a discussion of favourite unreleased tracks. This was the hardest (and best) poll for quite some time. Choosing between the fantastic Striptease With A Difference, Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness and Happy Lovers United is really...
  17. Max Bialy

    If Morrissey named the colors in a Crayola 8-Color assortment, what would he name the

    Re: If Morrissey named the colors in a Crayola 8-Color assortment, what would he name Red = Parky Orange = Joanrivers Yellow = Annerobinson Green = Lohan Blue = Wossy Violet = Winehouse Black = Poshspice Brown = Joyce
  18. Max Bialy

    NME's Top 100 tracks of the decade, IBEH at #98

    Beyonce's single stole the riff of this song: and made millions of dollars. The success of Beyonce's song owes EVERYTHING to that riff. One of the best singles ever? Shea, right. Best theft maybe. Recognize the REAL talent. Naming that the best song...
  19. Max Bialy

    Revelation tracks discussion

    Funny thing is, I already had those two, and while I loved Striptease..., I didn't like Oh Phoney at all. But now, in the new Revelation surroundings, I actually quite like it. The best bit on the record for me is when Moz sings the word "united" with a growl. I haven't been this excited about a...
  20. Max Bialy

    Would you ever cry at a Morrissey show?

    Maybe if he threw a bottle at me.
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