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  1. BattleRocks

    So No Cameras Allowed At Morrissey's Concert At The Shrine

    So Rumor Is Being Spread That No Camera's Will Be Allowed Inside The Shrine During His Nov 26th Concert, So I Decided To Go On The Shrine's Web Site To See If This Is True And The Only Thing I Can Find Is This: And The 6th Line In The FAQ Tab Says...
  2. BattleRocks

    Describe The 1st Time You Got To Met Morrissey

    The First Time I Met Morrissey Was A Couple Years Ago (When He Lived On Sweetzer) Off of Sunset, Me And Some Friends Use To Go And Literally Camp Outside His House Which Was On A Dead End Street, One Day While Camping Out (It Was Daylight Tho) Morrissey Came Out of His Garage, We Asked Him If We...
  3. BattleRocks

    Moz Angeles Group Just Opened

    This Group Is For Moz Fans of The Greater Los Angeles Area To Meet Other Moz Fans In Los Angeles (And Surrounding Areas)... So ANYONE Is Welcome To Join...
  4. BattleRocks

    Chat Room

    Question: Does Anyone Use The Chat Room Feature ?
  5. BattleRocks

    Morrissey At The Shrine... (Nov 26th)

    So Let Me Start Off By Saying I Am One Happy Ass Motherfucker Who Is Beyond Excited That Morrissey Is Touring And Im Happy As Fuck I Was Buy Tickets Before They Went Onsale To The Public... I Cant Recall The Last Time I Actually Got To See Him In Concert I JUst Remember It Was At The Glen Helen...
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