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  1. RobLand

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    No Smiths Morrissey reference, but I predict this will show up on Central if SER sees this:
  2. RobLand

    Curious as to who the other person in this photo is?

    Looks kinda like Billy Bragg
  3. RobLand

    Bengali in Platforms without the fringe

    I've never heard this version before. Where is this from? It reminds me how great VH is and how frustrating it is that his back catalog hasn't been handled well (expanded reissues, etc)
  4. RobLand

    Scott Rodger (Maverick) leaks Morrissey information and email re: Bonfire / Miley via X (October 17, 2023)

    It just dawned on me that Morrissey is similar to Trump. I hate to say that because I loathe Trump and I have loved Morrissey since I first heard his voice in 1986. But the fact is that all of the following statements could be said by me about either man... I'm tired of the drama surrounding...
  5. RobLand

    Dave Haslam speaks out against the cancellation of Roisin Murphy

    This video is interesting. I think it supports what Cooper says. (Skip to 4:15 if it's too long) Calling "trans" a fad or trendy seems to me to be an undeniable fact, not an opinion.
  6. RobLand

    "Notre Dame" What's up?
  7. RobLand

    Question Moz & God

    I would argue that God's wrath is still very present in the New Testament but that it is poured out on himself/Jesus. So his wrath at humanity acting in a way that God didn't design us to act (i.e. breaking natural/universal laws [stealing, murder], as well as laws specified by God in the Bible...
  8. RobLand

    Question Moz & God

    My belief is that it can only be answered on an individual level because each persons suffering differs in severity. God calls his followers 'Israelites.' Israel is Hebrew for struggles with God. How amazing that God would call his followers that? Much significance there I think. But its...
  9. RobLand

    Daily Mail: "Big Mouth Strikes AGAIN! Morrissey is filmed from his BA business class seat demanding to be 'let off' the plane..." (May 13, 2023)

    If I was the pilot I would have said something like this "Uhhhh ... attention passengers ... Heaven knows this is a miserable situation, and I know some of you have heard the crew says "It's gonna happen now" but you're thinking "Well I wonder? I wonder when exactly do you mean?" Please keep in...
  10. RobLand

    Morrissey Central "New keyboard player." (May 6, 2023)

    Her band Uh Huh Her put out one of my favorite songs in 2008.
  11. RobLand

    Poll What's the reason for recording a new album when BOT's release is still uncertain?

    Maybe he wants to f*ck Capitol some way. Ready a new album (WMTWD) to compete with BOT, and make Capitol look stupid if they release BOT at around the same time as WMTWD. Or make it so Capitol wasted their money buying bOT by Moz disavowing BOT (refusing to promote it, etc) and getting fully...
  12. RobLand

    What label will he sign with

    Some slightly related news that may give us hope...
  13. RobLand

    Redditers Rabbit on about BOT

    I mean, I guess you are right... I was just trying to be nice. 🤷‍♂️ I am choosing to believe he's telling the truth because why not?
  14. RobLand

    Redditers Rabbit on about BOT

    Wait... you've heard the actual album? (My apologies if this is old news) Can you tell us how that came about? What is the production style best compared to? The glossy Chiccarelli style? Or the classic Street style of the early days?
  15. RobLand

    Mporium (UK) Ltd edition "Our Frank" shirt added until November 6 (October 17, 2022)

    I wish they had used a photo of Moz. The lighting reminds me of the Viva Hate portraits.
  16. RobLand

    Mike Joyce Interview Irish Times Oct '22 - some Morrissey mentions

    I've moved on from hoping/wishing for a reunion. Now I'd just be happy with a reissue campaign like what R.E.M. and the Cure are doing with their catalogue. The Queen is Dead was great but why not do it with all 4 studio albums. So stupid that that hasn't happened. That being said, the...
  17. RobLand

    "An Evening with Morrissey" November / December US tour dates showing on Ticketmaster; on sale this week

    Yes and the big question/hope for me: Does this news have anything to do with the album release???
  18. RobLand

    Bonfire of Teenagers is over a year old

    I love the Third Man idea. Make a few thousand copies (because he can guess how many records will sell based on the last record) and sell them for a premium price with a digital download (it will leak with or without this anyway).
  19. RobLand

    So Moz can't get a record deal then

    I think Moz is stuck between his desire for the prestige of a major—or semi-major label—along with how much he cares about chart position on the one hand ... and on the other hand his seeming stubborn insistence on saying provocative things and not wanting to have to explain himself. I would...
  20. RobLand

    National Review / Armond White: "Morrissey’s ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ Exposes Pop Treachery" (July 20, 2022)

    Armond White is a homosexual African-American. As one writer described him: "He’s a gay African-American fundamentalist-Christian aesthete, and if that doesn’t make him an individual, I don’t know what would." (Quote taken from this article) I'm not sure if it's fair to call him "extreme...
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