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  1. WinstanleyFan1649

    These Charming Men, Belfast - 24th Feb

  2. WinstanleyFan1649

    Michelle Jubelirer leaves Capitol Records (February 6, 2024)

    She said in an interview that members of some forum called 'GayForMorrisSolo' kept harassing her :unsure::unsure: Poor woman! - hopefully they back off!
  3. WinstanleyFan1649

    Jesus of Nazareth, known as "J-dogg" by some

    Meditation is a quick shortcut to demon possession :p
  4. WinstanleyFan1649

    Jesus of Nazareth, known as "J-dogg" by some

    Always found it very interesting that the demons asked to be put into the pigs so they aren't sent to the abyss. Probably is something like them willing to humiliate themselves by entering a lifeform considered too unclean to eat rather than be sent there. Alot of people bring up the fact that...
  5. WinstanleyFan1649

    Question The Smiths - Cemetery Gates lyrics

    Oscar Wilde was a bit on the heavier end and naturally got heavier with age and from his decadent lifestyle. The whale-blubber line would make sense with Moz reading alot of Wilde biogs. If I remember right from reading Hesketh Pearson's Wilde biog (about 2 years ago), Wilde was very...
  6. WinstanleyFan1649

    Justin Hawkins YT: "The Rick Astley Interview" - Morrissey/Smiths mentions (January 29, 2024)

    Don't think Astley can be blamed for this interviewer, who's obviously just virtue-signalling. Its good to see him having alot of fun and using his meme status to bring the Smiths to more potential listeners!
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  8. WinstanleyFan1649

    Johnny Marr appearing on Would I Lie To You (February 9, 2024)

    Half the show will be David Cameron and UKIP Morrissey jokes 🤕
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