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  1. mozzalini999

    Bowie discusses Morrissey leaving the Outside tour (1995)

    I was there at Exeter and I was straight out the door after Moz finished. As did a fair few others. Bowie at that time was just tedious. (Although I have to agree Moz was hopeless that night)
  2. mozzalini999

    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    Don’t want his tacky tshirt. Just the vinyl. Still no sign of anywhere to order anywhere. I’ll keep looking.
  3. mozzalini999

    Low In High School: What do you think of it?

    On first listen I'm (mostly) pleasantly surprised. As many have said, a strong start up to and including STDIB (which I initially hated but now enjoy). From then on, things seem to get a bit messy. IBTL is musically ok, but lyrically awful in my opinion. IYL will maybe grow on me, but TGFTAWWK...
  4. mozzalini999

    Manics want Moz again

    What a c*** you are. Not even remotely funny you c***.
  5. mozzalini999

    WPINOYB to be reissued by Étienne, Nov. 2016 with new sleeve - Typical Moz e-zine/ Facebook

    Not posted by Boz, just posted on his page and tagged to him and others. Still no real proof yet in my opinion
  6. mozzalini999

    new stone roses single

    Couldn't help getting excited for this but I really should have known better. Sub-par lyrics, musically a mish-mash of clichés that would struggle to make a b-side from their early singles. I'll listen to it again and again in the hope it improves, and I'll buy anything they release because I'm...
  7. mozzalini999

    Tom Watson (Labour deputy leader) listening to Morrissey

    Just die. You're a bore. Every new story, regardless of content, has you vomiting your tedious bile. I'm sure you think you're bigger and cleverer than everyone with your oh-so-witty sharp observations and your rapier-like put-downs, but you'll always be an irritating twat. Now go laugh your...
  8. mozzalini999

    Tom Watson (Labour deputy leader) listening to Morrissey

    Oh Benny. Just f*** off. And keep f***ing off until you get back here. Then f*** off again.
  9. mozzalini999

    "Kiss Me A Lot" official video directed by Sam Esty Rayner - TTY

    I would love to think that this is a satire of all those crappy pop videos with scantily clad women appearing for no other reason than titilation. I would like to think that, but there's nothing clever or satirical about this. It's just cheap, tacky, sexist throwaway rubbish and I'm struggling...
  10. mozzalini999

    Glasgow - SSE Hydro (Mar. 21, 2015) post-show

    Can someone shove a bloody cheese panini in Brummie's face. Anything to shut him up. We get it, you're not a fan, but some of us are and we visit these threads to read reviews of his gigs. Your outpourings of disdain and bile used to irritate me. Now I just want to break your single typing...
  11. mozzalini999

    Cardiff - Motorpoint Arena (Mar. 18, 2015) post-show

    Re: Article: Cardiff - Motorpoint Arena (Mar.18, 2015) post-show Cardiff set list Queen is dead Suedehead Staircase World Peace Kiss Ma A lot Istanbul Neil Cassady Drops Dead Throwing My Arm Around Paris Stop Me IIf Speedway Scandinavia One Of Our Own Meat Is Murder Trouble...
  12. mozzalini999

    Final 2014 dates; two Holland dates postponed to 2015 -

    Don't hold your breath for Alain. According to FB he was working in Malibu yesterday. Can't imagine he'd want to swap that for the "delights" of eastern Europe as a replacement for "guitarist" Jesse Tobias.
  13. mozzalini999

    What 2014 releases did you buy?

    Here's my purchases for 2014. Some old but mostly new. Most played is definitely Withered Hand's New Gods, with Morrissey trailing well down the list. WPINOYB is a great album, but not the best. NEW MUSIC 2014 Mogwai - Rave Tapes Midlake - Antiphon Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Wig...
  14. mozzalini999

    Essen - Colosseum (Nov. 24, 2014) post-show

    Hands up if you think Benny is the most tedious c*** that ever posts on here. Mods - what is the point of letting this prick post his pointless, boring c***ery? Free speech? You're as big a waste of skin as he is if that's the only reason.
  15. mozzalini999

    Morrissey interview in El Mundo (Spain); cancer treatment mention

    Re: Apparenty it's cancer. Ha ha ha. Priceless hippie lunacy. Eat some fruit and cure cancer.
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