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  1. Borewhore

    The Batman Thread

    Terrible movie.
  2. Borewhore

    lol wtf ha

    It was always shit, but now it's also cometely dead.
  3. Borewhore

    Morrissey turns 57 - May 22, 2016

    Holy shit, I need a new avatar, it's been years since I last posted in this dump. Hey y'all!
  4. Borewhore

    Morrissey turns 57 - May 22, 2016

    Woah old! He'll be able to get social security payments in just a handful of years lol. Wish Moz the best in this next year of his life. HBD <3
  5. Borewhore

    Main page/forum joined discussions and moderated unregistered posts

    I miss the old site before all the upgrades :/ but it's all good, I guess...
  6. Borewhore

    Love the way you type lol <3

    Love the way you type lol <3
  7. Borewhore

    Morrissey At The Shrine... (Nov 26th)

    l o l c-y'all der
  8. Borewhore

    Help me settle a bet I have with my fiance over which Morrissey video is better.

    Both are horrible, but Nov at least is fun to watch. My Love Life is the best Moz vid. <3
  9. Borewhore

    Hollywood Bowl

    I think those of us who were there & payed $200 4 a ticket deserve a copy of this thing 4 free :mad:
  10. Borewhore

    US Tour Dates out

    Yay I'm so there. ^_^
  11. Borewhore

    Morrissey's World Blogspot: who is the actual author?

    Re: Before you attack me, listen to me. This site will lose the war with morrisseys w What a shitty little blog lol 2006 4Ever <3
  12. Borewhore

    Morrissey - Live at the Hollywood Bowl, 2007

    Someone post the f***ing DVD already, you selfish f***ing whores!!!!! plz <3
  13. Borewhore

    Anonymous posting

    Meh. I don't care either way. But if getting rid of the anon-posting will stop the whining & bitchin' then I'm all for it.
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