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  1. miss_bunbury

    Stockton standing

    Update, I now have the tickets from the seller, everything looks legit, anybody interested please let me know.
  2. miss_bunbury

    Stockton standing

    I went to the show in Manchester on Tuesday, first one since the Swords tour and couldn't resist cramming in another one so I've just bought 2 standing for Stockton on Friday. The arrangement with the seller is to meet at the venue before the show so the spare I find myself with is offered in...
  3. miss_bunbury

    Bona Drag reissue 4th Oct, remastered & extra tracks

    Re: Bona Drag reissue, remastered, extra tracks I like this bit the most Might suggest he'll be sticking around, it certainly sounds like the kind of deal he'd cut, very similar to resurrecting the Attack imprint with Sanctuary.
  4. miss_bunbury

    Hello! I knew I'd seen you profile picture somewhere before!

    Hello! I knew I'd seen you profile picture somewhere before!
  5. miss_bunbury

    Swords tour intro video clips

    Re: Swords intro video clips
  6. miss_bunbury

    Glastonbury 2010?

    This year Michael Eavis was asked in speakers forum who he wanted to headline in 2010. Being the optimistic fool he is he replied Led Zeppelin and The Smiths, I can't blame him for trying :lbf:
  7. miss_bunbury

    Terrible excuses - The Guardian blog

    How could a blog about musicians making bad excuses pass without a mention of our man? I've not heard the snow one before and most would agree it sounds a bit off the wall, even for Moz!
  8. miss_bunbury

    Welsh Smiths tribute band

    It was actually quite a good turn out, we had a great night, it was £3.50 for two, yes TWO pints! I have a sore head now though :squiffy: I've never heard of Secret Affair.
  9. miss_bunbury

    Welsh Smiths tribute band

    You're the one for me Sketty. Dear Godre Graig please help me. Nobody loves Ysystradgynlais. All the Lazy Offa's Dyke's. These are the best I can come up with in my inebriated state. Had a great time watching these guys, need to sleep now... ...too much ale... Cheers geezers x
  10. miss_bunbury

    morrissey frink thread!

    Today ladies, you have surpassed yourselves! Every image more lovely than the last *swoon* Soooo... Thanks :)
  11. miss_bunbury

    Welsh Smiths tribute band

    Brilliant! I'll be sure to be there if I'm not working :) :guitar:
  12. miss_bunbury

    Lille and Paris rescheduled for November

    Has anyone used fnac from the UK? Hoping to buy tickets for lille, will tickets from fnac be OK? Is the system where you pick the tickets up from the shop reliable? Never been to a gig outside UK before so being a bit cautious and looking for a bit of advice, Avobillets want €30 to post tickets...
  13. miss_bunbury

    Cover versions by Morrissey

    A little part of me thought I was being strung along there, but the thought was simply too lovely, so I kept with it.
  14. miss_bunbury

    Looking for 1 Swindon ticket

    Looking for just the one ticket for my Mum, if anyone hears of one PM me, thanks.
  15. miss_bunbury

    Tour of Refusal Intro

  16. miss_bunbury

    Cover versions by Morrissey

    I was unaware of this one, any ideas where I could get to hear it? Thanks
  17. miss_bunbury

    Moon Over Kentucky

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this.
  18. miss_bunbury

    You're bloody obsessed with that website! Roll on July :D

    You're bloody obsessed with that website! Roll on July :D
  19. miss_bunbury

    The East End Morrissey tour Take Two - Sat 30th May

    Re: The East End Morrissey tour is still going ahead!!! Sounds like an idea, I'd be in +1 if there is a time agreed before I leave in the morning.
  20. miss_bunbury

    Troxy postponed to October

    Going to see future of the left in ULU now, should be good travelling all the way to London to see a Cardiff band :lbf: Thanks for the suggestions, might do the Jack the ripper tour in the day seeing as we are staying round that way.
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