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  1. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    Julia Riley

  2. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    Let's Try To Write Some Morrissey Songs

    Obviously no-one can ever write lyrics like the Moz, but let us have an attempt to write some vaguely Morrissey-like lyrics. Let's pretend this is Moz's new album, it is called "In Ennui We Trust." (You can dispute this if you think it is a crap name for the next Moz album, and come up with a...
  3. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    What's all this about?

    Can somebody possibly tell me what this thread from 2004 was all about? Who were these people talking about? Thankyou lovely people :)
  4. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    If Morrissey was an animal, which animal would he be?

    Please include comparative images as evidence. My money is on MEERKAT. (PREDICTION: This is the GREATEST thread EVER)
  5. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    Do you think "I Want The One I Can't Have" was about Johnny Marr?

    Cos I think it was. Discuss. Also, do I look good in orange corduroy pants?
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