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    Vauxhall, Southpaw & Maladjusted vinyls?

    After having to sell these a few months ago due to ongoing having to eat issues, I've now recovered my finances to such a degree that I can afford them again. Anyone selling any of them? Reasonably priced?
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    getting his autograph before a gig chances?

    what are the chances of him stopping to sign an album for me next week at boro if i wait at the stage door when he arrives? does he generally stop and sign a few or just go in and ignore anyone waiting? i really want my vauxhall vinyl signed. and, if he is likely to sign, what time does he...
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    middlesbrough standing tickets - seetickets now!

    over on seetickets... just nabbed a single standing
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    vauxhall and i vinyl sleeve

    just wondering if anyone knows why the sleeve photos on the v&i vinyl are such poor quality. very blurry! the hand pics on the inside sleeve and back cover look particularly bad! guess he just wanted it like that... weird!
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    Anyone got a Vauxhall and I vinyl for sale?

    Long shot, I know... but anyone willing to sell me a decent Vauxhall and I vinyl at a reasonable price? i'd love you mucho! :) pm me if you can help me out. ta.
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    My first book - Screw, God and the Universe - is out now.

    I'm not sure if anyone knows I write but my first book - Screw, God and the Universe - is finally available for public consumption. It's only £6.99 and cheap at twice the price! Plus shipping, of course! You can find out more about it and buy it (paperback and ebook) here...
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    anyone got maladjusted on vinyl to sell?

    i'm after filling some vinyl gaps and i'm looking for maladjusted. anyone have a copy for sale? pm if you do.
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    wanted... 1 boro ticket

    pm me if you have one available
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    2 Boro tickets required

    standing, seated whatever!
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    After a Hawick ticket

    I'm after 1 ticket for Hawick... but (and i know i shouldn't say this) I'm loathe to pay too much over the odds so if anyone has one going at face, or a sensible amount more, please message me.
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