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  1. newsworthy

    Question about limited print vinyl

    I've come into ownership of a complete collection of framed smiths vinyls. (all studio albums/rank/two compilations-LTB/TWWL) I'd like to know if anyone could give me information regarding them. I've been told they were released around '87 once the smiths split up and were limited edition...
  2. newsworthy

    now my heart is full - introducing morrissey

    anyone have this available for download? I think its epic, different from the original, a lot more upbeat in a sense. ty
  3. newsworthy

    Morrissey Concert Madness Question

    Im going to my first Morrissey gig, and was wondering as Ive heard numerous rumors that Morrissey gigs get really rough and out of hand especially at the front. And drunken 40 year old men go mental pushing people out of the way. COmpletely crazy from what ive heard. MY first gig im going to...
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