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    why did morrissey move to rome?

    i was just reading it is because people were tenting out in front of his LA home? is this true?
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    does morrissey have a vegetarian cookbook?

    i think it would be kind of cool if he did. sometimes i wonder what he eats. im a vegetarian too and i know what i eat. but what does he eat? hehe
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    what does julia riley look like?

    i was just curious what she looked like, since she was mentioned at some shows. ive heard of her before, but never saw her photo. just googled it, but nothing came up. thanks. :)
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    sad irish music

    i was just thinking about irish music. i come from a musical family and my grandfather who was a drummer was irish. and my mother who is a musician herself said he used to listen to sad songs all the time in his chair and become completely miserable for hours, but it was a catharsis. she always...
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    morrisseys band members on tour?

    i got kind of curious about morrisseys band members, particularly the drummer and trombone player. ive been kind of out of the loop. but anyone know where i can find more info about them? thank you. :)
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    all you need is me lyrics?

    anyone know where i can find them. thank you. :)
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    how can i find the songlists for upcoming shows?

    hi there. im not familiar with this website and was wondering where i can find the song list for riverside. thanks.
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    whats seating like in riverside and hollywood?

    i was wondering what the seating is like for those for you who have been to these places. i have seats. i have never seen morrissey without general admission. are these large arenas? will i be able to walk to a general admission area close to the stage? thanks.
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    question about drum

    i was just kind of curious about the drum i saw at the concert with the turkish eye and the words Art Buffer England Hatred on it. it was the main front drum. does anyone know what that means? thanks.
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