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    Shirt worn on Alan Carr

    Does anybody know whether this shirt is available on the open market?
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    What aftershave on Morrissey's shirts this tour?

    Hi all. Caught some of the shirt from the Hull gig and am intrigued as to the fragrance - does anybody know? Thanks.
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    Morrissey's next TTY entry

    He must be laughing away to himself that Macdonna tumbled off the stage last night. I look forward to hearing his version of events.
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    Trying to find a song played in the build up at London

    Hi guys, Apologies for being vague, but during the build up at London, there was a song played directly before Lazy Sunday by The Small Faces which struck me. My memory is hazy is but I recall a lyric around the lines of: "And show you that my love was gentle and kind." It was a male...
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    One seated ticket available for tomorrow at O2.

    Hi all, I will still be there but the person planning to come along has changed plans. If anyone is interested in my other ticket, PM me.
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    Scott Walker

    Have we any other fans lurking on here? The man's talent is simply staggering as a singer, a songwriter, a producer... Scott 4 would have to be my personal favourite; it is up there with The Queen Is Dead in my record collection, just truly wonderful from start to finish. The Seventh Seal is...
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    Floral shirt from 25 Live DVD

    I have no idea about how to post a photo, but the second floral shirt that Morrissey wears in the 25 DVD is something I'm trying to track down. Does anybody know how I'd find out who produced it? Thanks.
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