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    Has anyone got The World's Loneliest Man by Vince Eager lyrics??

    Please dear friends i am looking for the lyrics, a google it but nothing, i cannot understand a few words due to the fact is an old recording... as english is not my mother tongue i plea for your help... thank you so much... The World's Loneliest Man - Vince Eager...
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    Shameless... Is this a Moz quote?? frank gallagher...

    Hello dear friends, i've just seen the episode 16 from the seven season of shameless, and i realised that frank gallagher said "Manchester so much to Answer for" as i remeber Moz said it once on the gig of who put the "m" in manchester i think... what he said was: “Been in mothballs since the...
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    autumn word in any morrissey lyric?

    hi friends, i'm looking a song with the autumn word in its lyrics, anyone can help me?? thanx (morrissey song of course...)
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    wtf is this?

    has anyone seen it before? Breaking News: The Smiths Reunite i'm in Peru and someone send me this link... i think is rubbish...
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    Mike Joyce Picture

    hi, i'm looking for a recent mike joyce photograph... thank you so much
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    Electronic Req...

    hello, i've got an ELECTRONIC "twisted tenderness" CD but it has only 11 trax, and i've just seen another with 12 trax, so im looking for "King for a Day", can anyone upload it for me thanx in advanced
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    An afternoon with Morrissey 2006 + 4 Live trax

    Inrocks present : An afternoon with Morrissey 2006 + 4 Live Tracks RIP+UP | XviD~1380 | [email protected] | 640x384 | English + French sub | DVD Cover & Sticker | 31min45 FRANCE 2006 Les Inrockuptibles Entretien à ROME (2006) + 4 Titres Live (Move Festival Manchester 2004)...
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    Bjork - Lima, Peru 11-13-2007

    BJORK Lima - Vértice del Museo de la Nación (Perú) 2007.11.13 Intro (Brennið Þið Vitar) Earth Intruders Hunter Cocoon Pleasure Is All Mine Jóga Who is it? Desired constellation Army of me Innocence Bachelorette I miss you 5 Years Unravel Wanderlust Hyperballad/Pluto Band...
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    The Cult - Wildflower Live (1987)

    01. Wild Flower (Single Version) 02. Wild Flower (Guitar Dub) 03. Horse Nation (Live) 04. Outlaw (Live) 05. She Sells Sanctuary (Live) 06. Bone Bag (Live) 07. Phoenix (Live) 08 Wild Thing-Louie Louie
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    req. looking for The Wild Swans

    Hi, i'm looking for any TWS album or video thank you so much
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    Camouflage - Relocated

    1. Memory 2. We are lovers 3. Motif sky 4. Real thing 5. Passing by 6. Confusion 7. The perfect key 8. Stream 9. Dreaming 10. The pleasure remains 11. Bitter taste 12. Something wrong 13. Light 14. How do you feel...
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    The Church - El Momento Siguiente (2007)

    The new Church acoustic album EL MOMENTO SIGUIENTE "the following moment" 1. Wide Open Road (originally by The Triffids) 2. It's No Reason 3. Reptile 4. Tantalized 5. Electric Lash 6. After Everything 7. Song In The Afternoon (new song) 8. Two Places At Once 9. Appalatia 10...
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    req: looking for blink

    hi lads, i'm looking for the irish band called Blink (not blink 182) actually i'm looking for the single "Happy day" from the "A Map Of the Universe" album thanx in advanced
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    req. Has anyone got any 95 & 96 soundboard gig?

    hi, i'm looking for any 95 (vauxhall and i) & 96 (southpaw grammar) soundboard gig or at least good quality gig :p thanks in advanced
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    has anyone got this logo?

    Hello, i'm looking for this logo in a large size for a tatoo, has anyone got it? please i need it. . thanks in advanced
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    looking for James "Gold Mother" album

    Well, actually i'm looking for a first edition of this album including tracks "Crescendo" and "Hang on" thanx in advance
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    Request: James "Stripmine" and "One man clapping"

    i know is not a james forum, but does anyone has a couple of james' albums (stripmine and one man clapping) to share? perhaps some bootlegs thanx in advance
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