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    From Northern Ireland, Morrissey's Secret Irish Folk Album - The Ulster Fry / FB

    I only posted the video as i thought it was funny (bar the irrelevant line as I am a lifelong Morrissey fan and still love him) How did it descend into a slanging match ?!!
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    From Northern Ireland, Morrissey's Secret Irish Folk Album - The Ulster Fry / FB

    Came across this in Northern Ireland Posted by The Ulster Fry/ Facebook: Before he becomes totally irrelevant thanks to his recent right-wingnut behavior - here's an exclusive listen to the secret Irish Folk album by Morrissey, sent exclusively to the Ulster Fry.
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    "By The Time I get To Wherever I'm Going" - Lost Morrissey studio track posted by SER

    Any chance anyone could knows how to post a link to download the audio of this to stick on an iphone? Any new song is always gratefully received. Many thanks S
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    Looking for an item

    Wondering if any one has I have forgiven Jesus - Promo Copy. (Morrissey standing at window) White cover. Many thanks if anyone has any leads. Cheers
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    For sale massive collection of over 200 Smiths/Morrissey CD's

    Sorry should have added Let me Kiss you (with Morrissey on the cover) and Let me Kiss you (with Morrissey standing on the white cover) Thanks
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    For sale massive collection of over 200 Smiths/Morrissey CD's

    Hello - any chance you have promo CD's of Let me Kiss you, I have forgiven Jesus or I want to see the boy happy. Kind regards
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    "The Queen Is Dead" 12" vinyl (2017, Warner Bros. UK) listed on Discogs - Help needed

    Hello - I am UK based and bought one of these records from the seller. I am no expert but only an avid collector, IMO this appears to be an official release. If not it is the highest quality bootleg I have ever seen! I am simply delighted to have it in my collection, and I am happy to take a...
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    Vinyl and cassette collection for sale

    Hello - please email the list to [email protected] Many thanks for your help Cheers
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    2 Tickets for 02

    I bought two tickets for the 02 show, unaware that someone else was also buying them for me. The upshot is I now have two spare - Block 422 Row Q. If the off chance anyone needs them - they are yours for face value which was £93. Many thanks Cheers
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    So...does ANYONE like the new songs?

    I have been dipping in and out of this site for years to catch up, check out any news, and see if there's stuff for sale as I am a dedicated collector. But...I really don't think I will bother anymore. It seems to have turned into a Morrissey knocking shop (so to speak!). Any other more fan...
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    Dublin - Vicar Street (July 29, 2011) post-show

    anyone know what time he came on stage tonight?? Cheers
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    For trade/sale & looking for help?

    Re: For trade/sale & looking for help?? And apologies - maybe should have been put that in marketplace!
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    For trade/sale & looking for help?

    Hello. Hope someone might be able to help? Still searching for... Promo 7": Sing your life, Have-a-go, Hold onto your friends Promo CD: In the future, Boy Happy, and Forgiven Jesus (white cover) Have to trade or sell - Hold onto your Friends promo CD? Many thanks.
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    Meat is Murder: a fully autographed 10" x 8" publicity photograph

    After reading the debate with interest I decided to check my own signed stuff...and for what its worth - the item for sale is 100 percent a fake Moz signature. Cheers.
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    TBWTTIHS Single Version not on CD Single?

    Hello Oso, I have the Made n England cd and its the album version too. Cheers Stephen
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    How do these people sleep at night?

    I asked the seller to prove it was authentic. He replied and said it was signed at the Wolverhampton gig. Its one of the worst I have ever seen. He's needs Brasso for his neck!
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    2 Moz items to trade

    Thanks again..the 10 inch promos you mention...are they Hold on promos? Cheers
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    2 Moz items to trade

    Hello...many thanks for the info...I did not realise that...and will be prepared to pay extra in a trade...or buy one if anybody has the 7inch promo for sale? Cheers
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