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    Who is the girl with the bubble dress on Letterman?

    thanks. wow how interesting, wasnt it just a month ago people were talking about what if morrissey added a woman to his band? do you think she's going to join his band for good?
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    Picture "The Mozfather"

    nice im going to order one of these and stick it on my car.
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    what does julia riley look like?

    the photo is not very clear. im kind of surprised thats the only photo and that no fan has taken a picture of her or with her.
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    Ringleaders Badly Produced & Mixed?

    i love ringleaders. i thought it sounded great. originally i though yatq sounded a bit rough, but its grown on me and i like it a lot now.
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    why did morrissey move to rome?

    i was just reading it is because people were tenting out in front of his LA home? is this true?
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    what does julia riley look like?

    hi im not sure those pics are her. the op said that they were fakes. i was also wondering if morrissey & julia are seeing each other. but everyone says shes a superfan i see.
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    does morrissey have a vegetarian cookbook?

    omg those responses were so funny. sorry i missed those threads. thxs again.
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    does morrissey have a vegetarian cookbook?

    thats cool. i havent read all the interviews, but read he used to like yoghurt and almonds, but wondered what else. sounds like he likes the milder stuff. thanks for your reply.
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    Amazing up-close pix of Moz at the Hollywood Bowl

    these photos are amazing. i wonder what kind of camera she used.
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    does morrissey have a vegetarian cookbook?

    i think it would be kind of cool if he did. sometimes i wonder what he eats. im a vegetarian too and i know what i eat. but what does he eat? hehe
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    what does julia riley look like?

    i was just curious what she looked like, since she was mentioned at some shows. ive heard of her before, but never saw her photo. just googled it, but nothing came up. thanks. :)
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    sad irish music

    i was just thinking about irish music. i come from a musical family and my grandfather who was a drummer was irish. and my mother who is a musician herself said he used to listen to sad songs all the time in his chair and become completely miserable for hours, but it was a catharsis. she always...
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    some video clips from riverside

    oh thank you so much andrea. i was wanting to know what he was doing. i was standing at the loge unfortunately cuz i got my tickets late. cant wait to see the others! :)
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    morrisseys band members on tour?

    wow thats very weird. i got the following message: "wikiepedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for Matt Walker (drummer in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings"... etc thanks for clipping and pasting. :)
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