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    What's all this malarkey about?
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    Any converts?
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    Yes, its true

    I am back, you lucky people......
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    Did you all miss me?

    I haven't been here for years! Isn't YOR truly amazing! I am off to see Moz tomorrow with my wife. When I logged in, I found messages from 2008! Here's hoping Kewpie doesn't make any complaints about me this time :>:lbf::lbf:
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    I am going to be reconstructed... the 6 million dollar man. Well, not quite. I have a small varicose vein in my lip, has anyone ever heard of such a thing? It looks like a little blue lump. Anyway, tomorrow, I am going to have it removed. I will sit in a chair (awake) whilst a surgeon takes a scalpel to it:eek: It...
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    gays get one over on religion

    I have to say, that I am glad that the teacher who was suspended from an RC school for entering into a civil partnership with another man has been reinstated. This is an example of the LAW being respected and religion being put in it’s place. A good day for us anti-religionists and a...
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    I did it, I made soup!

    Here's how I did it! Country Soup Mix (beans and pulses), soak overnight. fry some onions, carrots, peppers and tomatoes, add soup mix, add stock, add water (obviously) and simmer for 45 mins. Thanks to all of you helping me to get healthy! How do I keep the soup for the week? Fridge?
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    How to make soup

    Does anyone know how to make healthy soups? Apparently, the canned stuff is no good.
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    With 23 years hindsight, was the 1st album...

    ...any good? I love TCM, SI, WDDIM and HIG, otherwise I find it really dreary and don't listen to it, what say you? I mean 'songs', don't just comment on the lyrics.
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    My book has a hardback and 2nd edition!

    .....and it has sold in 26 countries:D:D:D Never give up your dreams! I am 40 and never thought it would happen!!!
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    Here's a message I received on myspace from a board user

    'Have you ever thought to yourself maybe if you weren't such a fat ugly asshole your wife wouldn't have left you? Sadly to say, you were as ugly 20 years ago as you are today. And no amount of hair dye will make you look better. It just makes you look like a fool. One last thing, don't let your...
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    George Galloway, the noose awaits...

    The move to suspend the former Labour MP came after the committee censured him for failing to register an interest and "excessive" use of taxpayer-funded facilities for the charity. It said he should be heavily punished for concealing funding from Saddam Hussein's former regime and for...
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    Am I great, or what?

    By the end of this week, I could have turned one specific problem area of the business around, making me the most successful General Manager EVER! As a colleague said today, 'I can't believe what you have done here':D:D:D Think that’s impressive? I have only been there for 10 days !!!!!
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    Let's talk diets..

    So, I am on a diet trying to be less of a fat bastard, but it strikes me that my whole knowledge of food doesn't go beyond bacon, cheeseburgers and chips. So, it's time for a real change. Tell me about wholefoods, vegggie foods etc. But it has to be easy stuff.
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    rare pics thread

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    Best thing that has ever happened...

    Adrian Durham was mouthing off on Talksport calling Jamie Carragher a 'bottler' and guess who phoned in.
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    Will Young attacked by Gorilla

    Shit, I gave that Gorilla twenty quid as well and he didn't even do the job right!
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    Girl In A Coma

    I think the singers voice is amazing! Her vocal on clumsy sky has such weird pronounciation :>
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