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    Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer

    I just read that Johnny Marr was part of the production of Billie Eilish's new Bond-Song, along with Hans Zimmer. I knew they already worked together for the Inception-Soundtrack. Does anyone know what led to that pairing and if they are now working together on a regular basis? I'm a great...
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    November Spawned A Monster/The Elephant Man

    Here's a little video I made 20 years ago with pictures of the movie "The Elephant Man":
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    Severed Alliance/Visual Documentary – contradiction

    I didn't want to open an extra-thread, but the Severed-Alliance-thread I found were read-only... so... I'm just reading the Severed Alliance and was surprised to find an obvious contradiction which made me wonder how accurate the book is... from the Visual Documentary by Johnny Rogan: 10...
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    Whatever happened to Morrissey's teeth?

    Are they changing due to his underbite? I never knew they were looking like this:
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