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  1. PUNKturedBIKE

    Illustrated lyric prints.

    There's 10% off with the code POTWX10 until Christmas Eve.
  2. PUNKturedBIKE

    Viva Moz selling Vulgar Sweaters

    I wanted to get one of these last year, alas I can only just about afford the soap.
  3. PUNKturedBIKE

    Illustrated lyric prints.

    No problem. Glad you like the work :)
  4. PUNKturedBIKE

    Illustrated lyric prints.

    Hey, i just asked them about the postage and they said it was a mistake on the site. They've fixed it so now whether you buy one or all four it's all the same for postage.
  5. PUNKturedBIKE

    Illustrated lyric prints.

    I know, i think that's the standard charge for Special Delivery. I can find out if they will combine postage, or something. Thanks for looking.
  6. PUNKturedBIKE

    Illustrated lyric prints.

    So, I have made prints from some of my illustrations. Thought I'd post them here in case anyone is interested. Thanks.
  7. PUNKturedBIKE

    Shirt throwing - yay or nay?

    I've seen worse walking up the local High Street in summer. My eyes, they still burn.
  8. PUNKturedBIKE

    London tickets?

    Thanks, never thought about Gumtree. It's not really the ethics of buying from a tout, it's more the cost, the occasional hike because it's sold out and people want in. Didn't want to get there and potentially be forced to cough up £50+
  9. PUNKturedBIKE

    2 tickets for sale - London Palladium Royal Circle

    Re: 2 tickets for sale - London Palladium upper circle Sent you a PM.
  10. PUNKturedBIKE

    London tickets?

    That's exactly what i was thinking. I'll have a brew and a ponder, and a long hard look in to my soul... i mean bank balance.
  11. PUNKturedBIKE

    London tickets?

    Nah, i got it off a nice chap who couldn't go, but he only sent it on Friday and didn't arrive yesterday. I'm looking but don't really want to pay out £40 odd quid.
  12. PUNKturedBIKE

    London tickets?

    Any tickets going? I had one for Brixton but it is now sat in the post office depot. :tears:
  13. PUNKturedBIKE

    Goodbye Morrissey

    Re: why I will never visit this site again Best.thread.ever.
  14. PUNKturedBIKE

    For Sale Huge Morrissey Leeds Academy Poster

    Blimey! I have some 6 foot You Are The Quarry posters kicking about, maybe 4 or 5 of 'em. Yours for 100 smackeroonies each. *Sings* We're all off the sunny Spain...
  15. PUNKturedBIKE

    Morrissey-Solo is horrible

    Re: And the Sycophantic c***s All Say... I like the use of italics in your post.
  16. PUNKturedBIKE


    They were on offer down Tesco last week, 1 whole pound.
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