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  1. lapislazuli

    Smiths Singles tab book scanned

    Re: Smiths Singles tab book scanned, cover to cover This is great! Thank you so much for sharing :flowers:
  2. lapislazuli

    morrissey frink thread!

    More Moz in glasses:
  3. lapislazuli

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    My parents just called and told me that our cat died this afternoon. She was 17 years old and had a lot of stomach and thyroid trouble recently...but this still sucks :tears:
  4. lapislazuli

    Germany Concert Dates

    Re: OFFENBACH Pre-/After I'm staying the night in Frankfurt, too. I'm going to arrive at the main station around noon and will probably be up for some collective "frolicking" :)
  5. lapislazuli

    Don't Panic!

    Happy Towel Day, everybody!
  6. lapislazuli

    Apollo birthday gig videos

    Wonderful videos again. Thank you very much, mozmal! I'm uploading to youtube at the moment. I'm OK BY Myself: Ask I Keep Mine Hidden Goodbye/Farewell Sorry Doesn't Help
  7. lapislazuli

    Leonard Cohen Frink Thread

    For anybody who thinks that his concerts are all doom and gloom, here's Leonard singing (or rather shouting) "Memories" - probably the only good thing to ever result from being threatened by Phil Spector with a crossbow.
  8. lapislazuli

    happy birthday,lapislazuli...

    Aw, thank you all! :) Birthdays always make me feel a bit melancholy. So here's a bit of Townes van Zandt for everybody:
  9. lapislazuli

    Keine Panik, hab' Dir gerade 'ne Mail geschickt :)

    Keine Panik, hab' Dir gerade 'ne Mail geschickt :)
  10. lapislazuli

    radio 2 concert on youtube

    Aw, you're very welcome. I'm just spreading the love raining down from smithstorrents :love:
  11. lapislazuli

    Morrissey on Front Row

    Thanks a lot, Claudia!
  12. lapislazuli

    Ask Morrissey: MTV 2 (UK) 16th February 9pm

    Maybe this will work for you: The other parts will be up here later:
  13. lapislazuli

    Leonard cohen to release live album

    Aw, I really do hope you'll get a chance to see him. I saw him last summer on the marketplace of a provincial town they forgot to bomb. It was a really magical night. I'm reading Leonard's Book of Longing at the moment. This little poem made me think of Morrissey: You'd Sing Too You'd...
  14. lapislazuli

    Ask Morrissey: MTV 2 (UK) 16th February 9pm

    Yep, according to Universal's website Moz is one of their artists. I'll never understand how those industry people's minds work: "Let's make Morrissey do a promo video/interview. And then we'll shoot everybody who tries to watch it!" :rolleyes:
  15. lapislazuli

    Ask Morrissey: MTV 2 (UK) 16th February 9pm

    I had the the same problem. They deleted the first part I uploaded because it included a small part of the "Everyday Is Like Sunday" video. :crazy:
  16. lapislazuli

    Ask Morrissey: MTV 2 (UK) 16th February 9pm

    I'm uploading to Youtube at the moment. I'll post the links later.
  17. lapislazuli

    Morrissey in German Rolling Stone

    I haven't got a scanner either, but here are some (badly) translated tidbits: "That's How People Grow Up" and "All You Need Is Me" were alway supposed to be featured on YOR: "The album was supposed to be released much earlier. These two songs belong on the album, they are part of the whole. By...
  18. lapislazuli

    Madstock Enquiry

    This footage shows him walking on stage with the flag already in his hand:
  19. lapislazuli

    Westboro Baptist Church to picket Obama's Grandmother's funeral

    WBC are a pathetic bunch of deranged hatemongers. If what they're doing weren't so harmful, one would have to pity their miserable existence. Louis Theroux meets the Phelps - America's most hated family Part 1
  20. lapislazuli

    Old Alain Whyte interview

    Poor Alain, it's really pathetic how blatantly the interviewer tries to lure him into dishing out dome dirt :rolleyes:
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