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  1. smiler

    Everyday Is Like Sunday by Morrissey live at Hammersmith March 2023 - Multi camera edit

    I used a few different clips found on YouTube to make a multi camera edit - mainly for the moment when the light come on.
  2. smiler

    Just joined - are my YT Smiths videos worthy?

    Nice video - can you link to @sacredcow's account please?
  3. smiler

    "Interlude" by Morrissey & Siouxsie. (unofficial video)

    I made a video of this song because I love it and because its being re released. I think this version is beautiful and it should have been a hit at the time had it been promoted. Let me know if you like/hate the video. #
  4. smiler

    Official Manager Statement regarding Morrissey’s health (January 26, 2024)

    A strange series of events: Jan 6th The death of Mike Hinc (part of the Smith inner circle) - Morrissey posts a heartfelt tribute on Central. Jan 11th Morrissey post a section of "conversation" which occurred in 2023 in which he complaints about being deleted as the central essence of the...
  5. smiler

    Morrissey Central "MELANIE SAFKA, RIP" (January 25, 2024)

    Great tribute. Love the unofficial video. Wonder who made that? :D
  6. smiler

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY AND SIOUXSIE" (December 20, 2023)

    Morrissey and Siouxsie - 'Interlude'
  7. smiler

    Art-hounds unofficial video

  8. smiler

    Buffy Saint Marie is a pretendian

    Quite. What do you have to be outraged for? and yet..."She is some nasty piece of work alright. Unf***ingbelieveable!" here we are. Is it normal to demand someones DNA? Is there only one pot of money or one spot available for a female indigenous folk singer? Didn't Johnny Cash claim something...
  9. smiler

    Buffy Saint Marie is a pretendian

    But I would suggest the story isnt as clear cut as the documentary makes out. I suspect the adopted aspect isnt entirely true but rather her mother had an affair with an indiginous person and she was the product of that union. Rather than expose her mother she suggestted she was adopted. She...
  10. smiler

    Buffy Saint Marie is a pretendian

    I still love Buffy and I think this investigation is snide. I think it is quite common for a persons origins to be confused and clouded is some secrecy, certainly in the 1940s. Maybe her mother had an affair and things were covered up. What right do we have to know everything. Buffy has, as...
  11. smiler

    The Smiths ‘A Fool Such As I’ cover - Johnny Marr talking on Radio 2 Jo Whiley show (November 2, 2023)

    The Dylan version is great. I love this song. Would love to hear a Smith version.
  12. smiler

    Beatles Now and Then unofficial video

    Bowie here talking complete tosh. He loved to pontificated in the 90's. I don't know really where to start with his "observations" . He seems so pleased with himself and he loves the sound of his own voice and the small of his own farts.
  13. smiler

    Beatles Now and Then unofficial video

  14. smiler

    Scott Rodger (Maverick) leaks Morrissey information and email re: Bonfire / Miley via X (October 17, 2023)

    Morrissey does need to take some responsibility. Had he not mentioned her name on stage before the release it may have been fine. After the release it could have been indirectly leaked. The speculation would have created a buzz. At least the album would have been out. He vainly wanted her...
  15. smiler

    So, let's say Morrissey gets BOT back... now what?

    Like Morrissey said the record was of its time and that time has passed. He has moved on creatively. There may be a point when he does a retrospective compilation of the period which he tends to do and he includes the album then as part of a release but for now he is pushing on and not looking...
  16. smiler

    Scott Rodger (Maverick) leaks Morrissey information and email re: Bonfire / Miley via X (October 17, 2023)

    Someone needs to show this to Miley. Lets hear what she has to say. She who must be obeyed. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing is a staged campaign. I do hope Miley pipes up now . How much does he mean to you Miley? Stand up and defend him. He's very sweet about her but the point he...
  17. smiler

    Speculation - new album recording in January 2024?

    And reason and freedom is a waste It's a lot like life
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