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  1. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "PESTANA PALACE" (February 27, 2024)

    Another photograph from the same session. He looks younger now than he did back then!
  2. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "PESTANA PALACE" (February 27, 2024)

    Could it be that the new management (who I assume would have access to the official Instagram account) have seen this, not realising that it's from 10 years ago (seeing as there's no date given by the poster, and possibly missing the crucial 'When' at the start of the post), and told Morrissey...
  3. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "PESTANA PALACE" (February 27, 2024)

    I don't see how this is a hoax? I remember watching a video released at the time (2014?) where he had a very brief chat with the interviewer. If I find it I will link it, but here's a screenshot from said interview: Edit - it's here...
  4. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "SO THIS IS WHERE YOUR FATHER WAS BORN?" (February 22, 2024)

    Always a pleasure to read these sorts of messages from Morrissey.
  5. mozhug25

    Morrissey is now being managed by Pete Galli of Red Light Management (February 12, 2024)

    Finally some positive news. I hope the BoT saga will finally come to an end soon...
  6. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "Bonfire of teenagers" (February 7, 2024)

    Another day, another vague and pointless post... why can't someone, SER or Morrissey, just write and either say 'following Michelle J.'s resignation, Morrissey is now meeting with the new CEO to discuss releasing the album...' or 'despite Michelle J.'s resignation, nothing changes and Morrissey...
  7. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "RW" (January 31, 2024)

    Lovely apology about the cancelled shows and great update on the progress of releasing Bonfire/WMTWD :straightface:
  8. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "RW" (January 31, 2024)
  9. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "RW" (January 31, 2024)

    Now on Central
  10. mozhug25

    A Place To List Our "Demands" Regarding Everything M-Related

    Quarry anniversary UK tour Buy back BoT and just release it along with WMTWD. No one cares which label they're on. More live albums. We need an Oye Esteban live album for sure. Change the font on Morrissey Central. Autobiography 2!
  11. mozhug25

    Morrissey (unseen) passport photos - included in microphone auction by former tour manager Phil Griggs

    I think the smaller photos have been 'enhanced' by AI which is why the bigger one looks so strange.
  12. mozhug25

    Another Morrissey and band photo in New York by Ryan Lowry - speedway61 / Instagram

    Original source is Fiona Dodwell / X - link posted by Famous when dead. Another photo by Ryan Lowry of Moz + band in New York. I've only seen it on this fan page; unsure of the original source (not on Ryan Lowry's Instagram at the moment) Related items: [Morrissey Central] "MORRISSEY...
  13. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "Bernie Sanders" (December 10, 2023)
  14. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central Updated chart history (December 3, 2023) Singles The Smiths: 1983 Hand in Glove (Rough Trade) UK only 1983 This Charming Man (Rough Trade) #25 UK 1984 What Difference Does It Make? (Rough Trade) #12 UK 1984 Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (Rough Trade) #10 UK...
  15. mozhug25

    Bonfire of Teenagers or Without Music The World Dies

    Tough choice but I think I'd prefer Without Music, as we've heard most of the Bonfire songs now live, and I'm not really fussed on the production on Rebels or the way that the tiny snippet of I Am Veronica sounded. I'm very interested to hear the songs from Alain. I wonder if Morrissey found...
  16. mozhug25

    Morrissey acquired rights to Bonfire of Teenagers?

    Yep, he's dropped most of the decent new songs from the set. Veronica was ok, Rebels and Saint were great, Kerouac's Crack only got one play but it was bloody awful, Telephone is also pretty bad, not sure why he keeps pushing that one. The Night Pop Dropped is good IMO. I know he said something...
  17. mozhug25

    Morrissey acquired rights to Bonfire of Teenagers?

    Brings up two versions for me on my computer. On my phone it just has the Morrissey one.
  18. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, DARLING" (November 7, 2023)

    I thought Capitol had the rights to YATQ.
  19. mozhug25

    Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY BAND OF OUTSIDERS" (October 31, 2023)

    Moz looks great in this picture, and the first one that Mr Lowry shared. Hopefully there'll be more to come. Jesse looks like he wasn't ready for the snap though!
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