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    Article: "Morrissey Fansite Founder Responds to Alleged Threats" - Yahoo Music; Statement and TMZ Li

    How long until Morrissey writes a really sucky song about David T? Sorrow Will Come In The End, Part II?
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    Johnny Marr asked about Morrissey's new album in NME (June 14, 2014)

    To me, it comes across as Marr schooling the journalist on what happens when the quality of the questions takes a nosedive. There's probably a way to get an answer about that (like, uh, waiting until the album is released), but the approach used was about as subtle as swatting a fly with a...
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    Ticket Sales News - TTY

    There are two key items required to get through a Kristeen Young opening set: 1. Alcohol. Lots of Alcohol. 2. Factory grade hearing protection. A -29 dB noise reduction takes away some of the sting.
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