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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    hi guys I've not been around the block lately but loving all the rem stuff posted. I can't belive my thread is still alive after all these years. It has seen the rise and demise of r.e.m. It is a sad day that now i must sell my entire r.e.m. collection. Everything must go. All the uk 7inches...
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    Req the stone roses all across the sands 1987 vinyl rip

    A bit of a long shot but can anyone help me find a lossless vinyl rip of the first pressing of Sally cinnamon. There was initially only a 1000 pressed and cheapest copy I can find is x75 plus I can't rip vinyl. Only after all across the sands because it is unique version to this release...
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    Req primal scream spires x flac or wav?

    Can anyone help me with a lossless file of the quite often forgotten b~side? Thank you
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    Morrisey - Truly Majestic

    Please don't shoot the messenger... & Truly Majestic The Majestic Ventura Theatre on 103118 Part1 0. Intro 1. William, It Was Really Nothing (The Smiths song) (First performance since 2007) 2. Alma Matters 3. I...
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    "Low in High School" (Deluxe Edition) vinyl - sleeve and tracklist at Amazon

    mp3 download available on amazon. no sign of flac or cd yet though
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    Back On The Chain Gang - video & studio version download.

    pre-ordered mine. shame no option for flac or cd for the deluxe edition
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    My Love, I'd Do Anything for You b-side

    hey thank you famouswhendead they sound great! all the best to you in the future...when all's well
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    Request for Morrissey soundchecks

    Hollywood Bowl 2007 1 track and interview
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    Request for Morrissey soundchecks

    (Soundcheck) Feb. 19, 1995 Billy Budd Used To Be Sweet
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    Request for Morrissey soundchecks

    Excerpts from "Sing Your Life" "There Is A Place..." 1 June 1991 ABC concert Costa Rica You're The One For Me, Fatty (Soundcheck) Feb. 19, 1995 MORRISSEY - This Charming Man (Soundcheck): Lima, 19/12/15
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    Request for Morrissey soundchecks Pashernate Love Recorded and broadcast on WDRE radio before the concert November 11, 1991 at Nassau Colisem in Long Island, New York. Kill Uncle Tour
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    Morrissey: Alexandra Palace 9th March, 2018 - Audio

    For flacs sake! Flawless audio inside
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    Request for Morrissey soundchecks

    Hello everyone So I know gigs are available on moz.utd , YouTube and there blogs but where have all the soundchecks gone? Any help much obliged Especially interested in what difference does make attempt Pashernate Love - 11/24/92 in New York, NY (had been performed on the Kill Uncle Tour)...
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    Dancing Barefoot was released by Patti Smith and features Stipe on vocals. I don't think r.e.m. recorded a full version of it?
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    selling my the smiths morrissey collection inc boots

    scruffymutt2016 nearly all listed here. just missing some of the remastered vinyls.
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    selling my the smiths morrissey collection inc boots

    sad day, not my choice. selling these on ebay but also willing to accept offers too. just ask ebay: scruffymutt2016 selling all my Morrissey cd singles 88-2014 nearly complete collection here. satellite of love 12inch and 7inch picture disc including cd promo sunny dj cd promo & few other cd...
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    Req: satellite of love & other recent b-sides

    with all my heart I thank you all. That's my b-sides topped up merry xmas and seasons greetings from the north
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    Req: satellite of love & other recent b-sides

    muchas gracias for the satellite tracks. It must be the download code 6 live tracks. It has Alexandra palace, hammersmith etc. recordings from the London gigs and more. Like I said I have them here but untagged so don't know which is which anymore. Although I didn't know they had promo live...
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    Req: satellite of love & other recent b-sides

    hi, I am returning to beg for some Morrissey b-sides which I cannot find. I have been collecting for years but have found I am missing these: Glamorous Glue Released: 18 Apr 2011 Glamorous Glue (Saturday Night Live) *turns it out it was a 2 track download only Everyday Is Like Sunday...
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    An REM thread for r.e.m. stuff

    "she whispered belong" ive been ill but found this link. crazy prcies on ebay for something not that special at all, listen and learn
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