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    eBay callouts thread

    I am calling out greed on the part of supposed Morrissey fans! This person bought a single for $150 and is not trying to flog it to another fan for some crazy price. The listing is still alive and well. Let's hope it stays up for ever. Greed is one thing, but greed from a fool is cruel!
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    eBay callouts thread

    You find it acceptable for one fan to over charge for an item in order to rip off another fan? It's not illegal, but it sure reeks of greed. I hope nobody buys it and they are stuck with it forever. Don't they even want Morrissey's autograph?? I guess Moz doesn't mean much to them. It...
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    eBay callouts thread

    Why would one fan want to take advantage of other Morrissey fans in this way? Is that ok? In the world of crazy political correctness, this is ok with everyone? Such greed I am never seen! I say cancel this person! :ROFLMAO:
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    eBay callouts thread

    This guy is selling the new "It's Over" 7" record that was on sale in Vegas for $150. He is now trying to sell it back to fans at $700! What a jerk bag. Calling this person out here on this site. Please don't buy this for $700. It will only encourage this person.
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    Looking for Vegas ticktes Sept 4 and 5th

    Looking for one Vegas ticket for Sept 4 or 5th. Preferably first 10 rows. Thanks..please PM me.
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    Did anyone buy a signed Electronic "Disappointed" 12" off eBay?

    Did anyone buy this item off eBay early last month? I would gladly pay you much more for it than you paid. Please PM me if you are the one that bought it. It has great sentimental value to me.
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    Morrissey autographed letter to Sounds magazine writer Dave McCullough (UK) on eBay

    "veiled references to homosexuality"- according to Stephen Thomas Erlewine and others
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    1992 U.K. tour T for sale

    Not bad, 94 pounds for a fake shirt. Maybe I need to stating manufacturing fake shirts.
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    Billy Duffy of the Cult sells Morrissey Postcard

    Lot 10 - 1978 postcard from Morrissey to Billy. A snapshot into what would become the fertile musical scene of Manchester of the early 1980s. A postcard from a holidaying Steven Morrissey, later of course of The Smiths, to his friend and bandmate Billy Duffy circa 1978. Start price - £400...
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    Omega Auctions: More Geoff Travis rarities listed (Auction due November 24-25, 2020)

    What is the 7" that has "Hand In Glove", "Still Ill" "There Is A Light" and "Panic" on it?? Artwork by Red October? I am afraid I have not see this before. No sales info on the back at all. Wait I see now that it is a crappy bootleg.....why would you have the band sign a crap bootleg 7"...
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    WPINOYB official mug for sale

    Please PM with price if interested. This is not the one that was on the website, but the one that sold at only a handful of shows.
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    Apollo tickets

    Looking for good seats to the Apollo. Anyone have better than D? Please PM me.
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    Morrissey / Bowie 1991 tambourine - Did anyone see this item? 33k they are asking

    Yes, I caught all three of them. The Portsmouth one was a real fight! Had 6 people on it and I came away with it unbroken.
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    Morrissey / Bowie 1991 tambourine - Did anyone see this item? 33k they are asking

    Ok I have also attached one from the 95' Bowie support slot that I caught in Birmingham NEC on 11/21/95. I also had another one, but gave it to a friend. That one was from Portsmouth 2/13/95.
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