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  1. vaca peluda

    Our jobs

    Excellent stuff. I work in a Dementia residential home. The graft is back breaking but the results are joyful. Often, like yourself, I experience vast amounts of challenging behaviour and the degree of humour that is needed is unstoppable. People assume that all Dementia patients whether...
  2. vaca peluda

    Dating Moz Solo

    I want to date Kewpie.
  3. vaca peluda

    What was the first song I heard in 2011?

    Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - Fractions and Feelings. From............2003, I think. f*** me, I feel f***ing old.
  4. vaca peluda

    Post Whatever You Are Thinking At This Very Moment

    I'm terribly sorry if I don't have much experience of sticking my hand and head up people's arses who appear to have sprayed the lower tier of their body and anything within reach of their own shit. I agree, I have led quite a sheltered life, but let us face facts, yes? I'm twenty-one and still...
  5. vaca peluda

    Your favourite album of 2010

    Tea for two, please! No sugar, stew the bag, let it drain, stir nicely - Ta' very much. Are you a Solo stalker?
  6. vaca peluda

    Your favourite album of 2010

    Ey up me Southern lovelaaaaaay! The joys of living in Laaandaaan, eh? You'v met quite a few folk, innit. I've met nobody (Partly because nobody wants to f***ing speak to me and I'm affirmative on that matter.)
  7. vaca peluda

    Your favourite album of 2010

    I've really enjoyed Gold Panda's 'Lucky Shiner' release. The album is far better than his live work. Here's hoping that The Maccabees release a new album in 2011.
  8. vaca peluda

    Your favourite album of 2010

    It's a close call between three in particular. All three artists I've seen and they have all been superb in their own quirky little ways. Naturally, any Belle and Sebastian album always gets that big boost as there isn't a single album that ever fails. And after seeing them at...
  9. vaca peluda

    Lousy christmas presents

    A pack of handkerchiefs when I was nine. I know we had no money but f*** me! I wish they'd of bought me that 10p Freddo, like I asked for.
  10. vaca peluda

    What concert/show are you going to go to next?

    The Drums and Belle and Sebastian in Manchester. Brappity, brap, brap.
  11. vaca peluda

    Moz sighting in Altrincham

    £3?!!! ARE YOU SHITTING A BRICK?! Normally it'd only cost £2 for two from Happy Shopper. Disgraceful.
  12. vaca peluda

    Question about Piccadilly Palare

    It was just like Jackie Collins' favourite f***ing fanny lubrication. It was a joke about Johnny Marr living in/near Earls Court and Moz writing about rent boys.
  13. vaca peluda

    Question about Piccadilly Palare

    Awww yeah. What a shame, eh?
  14. vaca peluda

    Question about Piccadilly Palare

    Are you suggesting that Marr went prowling for late night sex? Just curious. After all, the song is referenced to speakers of Polari and their where-abouts. **Just finished a 10,000 research project on Polari so I'm fairly knowledgeable about it.
  15. vaca peluda

    ~ The 'All things CATS' thread ~

    River says 'Moooow'.
  16. vaca peluda

    How often do you play your instrument?

    Oooo err.
  17. vaca peluda

    The Morrissey-Diana Phenomenon

    You forgot to put your flat-cap on when you say that. Oh, and don't forget to order your Mild.
  18. vaca peluda

    The Morrissey-Diana Phenomenon

    There is/are no 'K', or 'D's', or a 'P' or 'A's', or 'C's'..... OR 'N's'. It's not even a 'nearly exact' anagram is it. Or was you having a go?
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