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    Morrissey Autograph Mini Feature Film

    I had this idea to put all my autographs on film. Now before I get nasty notes underneath, I am doing this for myself first and foremost. If people find it interesting that's a bonus. It is certainly a resource that you could use if you are checking to see what his signature truly looks like...
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    No One Can Hold A Candle - CD-R acetate promo

    Very well said! You are the smartest person I have ever seen on this site.
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    Old VHS Tapes w/ Unseen Footage Audio tapes as well

    Hello, I am getting ready to chuck my VHS tapes of Morrissey/Smiths footage. I know I have come across one tape that has never seen the light of day. Not on you tube or anywhere. As far as I know only myself and one other person have the footage of Morrissey doing an impromptu in store for...
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    Those Wilde about Morrissey sleeves are just lovely! :brows:
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    Top 100 Record Collector Pages Scans

    It always puzzles me how the dead format of a cassette can fetch such high prices. I just don't buy into it unless they have something special on them. Like a different mix or extended version. Other than that you can keep them. I hope the always disrespected Japan doubles make the list this...
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    Japan Postcards came with which release

    No mine are from Japan because they have the Toshiba logo on the envelope. Anyone else remember. It has to be a Japan release. Like I said it must be Your Arsenal.
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    Japan Postcards came with which release

    I forgot which Japan release the three postcards came with. Can anyone help me? I thought it was "Your Arsenal" since they are from that era and one is the cover. I did not see mention on Passions. Thanks!
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    Your Arsenal Mispress Moz talks about in the book

    Yes, the CD shown in the original. The "Cool Price" one has a light blue Obi strip. I am sure they fixed the error at that point. Cool to know that the Holland version aslo says "From the forthcoming...". Thanks!
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    Your Arsenal Mispress Moz talks about in the book

    Is this the original pressing or the blue "cool price" one? I wonder if they fixed this error in the repressing. I have the original Japan promo disc but mine is sealed. Don't really want to open it to check for this typo. Thanks! Good find!
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    Your Arsenal Mispress Moz talks about in the book

    Anybody have the "Your Arsenal" Vinyl that Morrissey said they put "From The Forthcoming album Your Arsenal" on the center sticker. I got mine first day in England and no luck. Here is the quote: "Yet nothing could equal the shoddy clanger of "Your Arsenal", which had "Track 1 taken from the...
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    Strange Morrissey Box Set

    Moz should sue them for using such a horrible cover!!!! Ouch!! That is horrible.
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    Is this autograph authentic?

    "I've never met Moz, but I have this horrible feeling he might not be quite as cool in person." The good news for you is that you could not be more wrong! I have meet him loads of times (more than I have fingers and toes) and he has ALWAYS been his Amazing witty self. You would walk away on...
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    Question about limited print vinyl

    I was always told that they did no more than 5K of each (no LTB). All the ones I have are numbered less that 5K (none of the ones pictured are above 5K). The only other issue is that they made UK ones and I think French ones. So that would make 10K in all. Maybe someone else can clean up my...
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    Overpriced Items

    Re: What the F**K!! Hold On To Your Friends CD Promo UK sells for $161.47?? Crazy. I will selll mine if anyone wants to pay 2/3 of that price. Never seen it go for that amount.
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    Collecting "Tomorrow"

    record was pressed on purple vinyl and is slipped inside a clear anti-static inner sleeve (confirmation needed). Its labels are the usual yellow Sire ones, with blue Sire logo at the I can confirm that it was in the usual anit-static clear inner sleeve
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    Alternate ending...introducing Morrissey

    Thanks for confirming! My frail mind is not completely gone just yet.
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    Alternate ending...introducing Morrissey

    I remember seeing a preview copy of "Introducing Morrissey" at a listening party for "Southpaw Grammar" that had "Swinging on a Star" in place of "Will Never Marry". Does anyone have a copy of the video with "SOAS"at the end? I find no mention on passions. I know I am not crazy. Someone...
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    Collecting "Viva Hate" [original edition]

    I just want to say a big thank you for doing your site. You are amazing and the detail you give each releases goes far and beyond what is called for. Just simply amazing. Thanks for all that you do! Great stuff!! I wish you would chronical the zines next. I think that would be interesting...
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    Have A Go 7" promo question

    Mine also says R 6400 A-2-1 and R 6400 B-2-1. No other words scratched in as Syd has.
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    Have A Go 7" promo question

    I have never seen or heard of one that plays the correct songs. Does anyone else have one? Most of the World's biggest collectors are on this page. Anyone else?
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