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    The Cranberries cover "There Is A Light..." in session

    It would be difficult to find a reason compelling enough to see that band live. Their first album was decent, and sort of started a long march downhill from there. Most notably, she had the habit of absolutely destroying a half-decent song with one or two really horrible lines in the lyrics...
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    Fender Johnny Marr signature Jaguar guitar release

    Marr doesn't strike me as a humorless guy - however, I've noticed he gets incredibly serious when he's talking about guitars.
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    Fender Johnny Marr signature Jaguar guitar release

    There's an extended interview with Marr explaining the process (he's made an extensive amount of modifications and changes to a 60's era Jag). Tune in around 4:00 for a tasty little bit of him playing There Is A Light.One of the things he makes mention of is that he's been able to get his model...
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