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  1. oscillate wildly

    What do you think of the new Morrissey single, "I'm throwing my arms around Paris"?

    Re: What do you think of the new Morrissey single, "I'm throwing my arms around Paris I'm diggin' it.
  2. oscillate wildly

    Now, that's na ideia!

    what is this interesting thread with 11,000 replies you speak of? I'm not ashamed to have extra time. :cool: :p
  3. oscillate wildly

    Songs That No One Ever Talks About

    Angel Angel Down We Go Together should be mentioned more than it is. :sweet: also, King Leer (and most of Kill Uncle). don't mind the haters. :cool:
  4. oscillate wildly

    Best Smiths / Morrissey Cover Version 2008

    Re: Best Smiths & Morrissey Cover Versions 2008 I love some Amanda Palmer. :sweet: and The Mountain Goats one is good, too.
  5. oscillate wildly

    Most danceable Morrissey or Smiths songs?

    Unless you're dancing in slow motion. :p
  6. oscillate wildly

    Most danceable Morrissey or Smiths songs?

    Last Of The Famous International Playboys :cool:
  7. oscillate wildly

    Martha Wainwright loves Morrissey

    I remember reading an interview of Rufus where he states Morrissey as one of his "gay icons", so I think that counts for liking him. ;):p
  8. oscillate wildly

    worst Smiths/Morrissey song?

    Billy Budd, though I think I am in a very small minority that thinks so. :p
  9. oscillate wildly

    Occupations mentioned in Smiths & Morrissey songs

    Which song would this be? I wish to hear this song if I haven't already. :p
  10. oscillate wildly

    Anybody Here Single And Genuinely Fantasize About Moz?

    I don't need to fantasize, he's here. we're playing checkers.
  11. oscillate wildly

    Why Doesn't Moz Embrace the Internet?

    Re: Why Doesn't Moz Embrace the Internet?! too srs for Morrissey to handle.
  12. oscillate wildly

    moz best song musically?

    w0rd. Trouble Loves Me, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, and Your Arsenal are pretty perfect also.
  13. oscillate wildly

    The most under-rated Mozz song?

    this. :guitar: plus Seasick Yet Still Docked and I Know Very Well How I Got My Name though it's not exactly recent. :p
  14. oscillate wildly

    Moz papped yet again

    every time I read "papped" here I first think it means he got a pap test.
  15. oscillate wildly

    Post your artwork of Hollywood Bowl DVD

    I'm a fan of Terence's artwork. :p
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