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  1. Deego

    "my love life" or "paris"

    Haha, I do the exact same. The reaction is indeed priceless. :D My Love Life, without a doubt.
  2. Deego

    Is there a song you would sell your grandmother to hear Morrissey play live?

    Am I the only one that reckons hearing Morrissey playing 'This Charming Man' would be a bit cringe worthy?
  3. Deego

    Vintage Morrissey on MTV2 Tonight.

    Top 10 influential on now... will The Smiths be on this? I'm not watching it otherwise.
  4. Deego

    morrissey fans; are you happy?

    In the haze of a drunken hour, aye.
  5. Deego

    We all know it will never happen but what if?

    Agreed. Although I had to laugh at the way you put it - 'and that other guy'. :p
  6. Deego

    worst Smiths/Morrissey song?

    That's the best part! :):guitar:
  7. Deego

    What's Your Morrissey/Smiths Ringtone?

    I can't have a Morrissey song as my alarm, as I always end up hating it for a while. I have 'This Charming Man' as my ringtone just now. Smashin'. :)
  8. Deego

    worst Smiths/Morrissey song?

    What's so cringeworthy about 'Unhappy Birthday'?
  9. Deego

    worst Smiths/Morrissey song?

    Just having a laugh. :) It's one of my favourites at the moment! :o
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