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  1. oscillate wildly

    Are You Team Crystal or Team Scarlet

    Crystal 4 ever. :cool: I'd heard you liked Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants much more.
  2. oscillate wildly

    Phone Sex

    i thought we agreed to keep this private!
  3. oscillate wildly

    I'm gonna make this motherf***ing forum my bitch

    I hope you at least slap it around a little.
  4. oscillate wildly

    Tipper Gore walks away from half of the Internet

    wait, Heidi and Spencer split up?! I think I need my dosage of antidepressants increased again.
  5. oscillate wildly

    A message to you Kewpie

    I vote for anarchy.
  6. oscillate wildly

    Guilty Pleasures

    yes! I'm also a fan of the occasional
  7. oscillate wildly

    The f*** My Life Thread

    141 days. kill me, plz.
  8. oscillate wildly

    Morrissey/Smiths Facebook Groups

    I should start posting videos of myself doing bad covers of each b-side Morrissey's ever done every ten minutes.
  9. oscillate wildly

    if I were you I really wouldn't bother

    I'm pretty sure those pics were taken during a celebration of the beginning of my international dictatorship.
  10. oscillate wildly

    best music video ever? Lady Gaga and Beyonce - Telephone

    I can't believe I just watched all nine minutes of that. p.s. I will be a geek with you, 5am.
  11. oscillate wildly

    Who's the better Prez: jimmy Carter or Barry Obama?

    I think Barry was a bit more of a go-getter than Barack.
  12. oscillate wildly

    Blah blah blah

    I heard that song for the first time last night and briefly considered stuffing a cat in each ear.
  13. oscillate wildly

    The f*** My Life Thread

    bribe a friend. :cool:
  14. oscillate wildly

    The REAL Confessions Thread

    your secret is safe with me.
  15. oscillate wildly

    The REAL Confessions Thread

    i like ya get up if you know what i meaaaan.
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