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  1. MunchyBrain

    Cambridge gig - animal rights?

    They act in a kind of liberal way, but I wouldn't call it militant. They definately action which breaks the law, and the thing about them stopping the HLS demos because of legal threats is true. Then SHAC took over.
  2. MunchyBrain

    Cambridge gig - animal rights?

    I understand that Morrissey has probably single handedly converted more people to vegetarianism than anyone else with Meat Is Murder, and lots of animal rights people I know use that slogan who aren't Smiths fans. However, I think that direct action has more of an impact than people becoming...
  3. MunchyBrain

    Cambridge gig - animal rights?

    I hate how Morrissey says all this stuff but never acts on it. I mean, he's too famous to be able to do anything now, but he wasn't exactly militant before he was famous... I'm up for anything going down on that day, but we shouldn't talk about it on a public forum.
  4. MunchyBrain

    Oh! What to buy Morrissey this Christmas!

    The amount of flying he's going to be doiing next year, that would probably be a good idea. :D Royle Family reference?
  5. MunchyBrain

    Moz Fronting the Misfits?

    I know they came over in the early 80s (supported by Black Flag :guitar:) and I think they'd been before that but I'm not sure.
  6. MunchyBrain

    Moz Fronting the Misfits?

    That's what My Chemical Romance said they wanted to sound like. Exactly. "We wanted to sound like if Morrissey was in the Misfits." Don't ask why I know this, haha... :sick:
  7. MunchyBrain

    Come back to Camden

    It's so bizarre that he didn't play it at the Roundhouse.
  8. MunchyBrain

    Celebrities and their schooldays - Morrissey included

    That's what I thought as well. That teacher seems a bit, ermm :horny:.
  9. MunchyBrain

    Marc Almond's tense "hook up" with Moz

    I love how the screen goes GREY when Morrissey comes on for the first time, and then it switches to someone else and it goes back to colour again. Awesome coincidence. :D
  10. MunchyBrain

    Desert Island

    At the moment I'm thinking Ryan Harvey. 'Cause Ryan Harvey is Person Of The Day in MunchyWorld today. :D
  11. MunchyBrain

    Now My Heart Is Full?

    I get that I don't like it much. I don't like Vauxhall & I much. Sorry, everyone's going to be too busy abusing me to reply to your post, now. :D
  12. MunchyBrain

    post YOUR artwork for Years Of Refusal

    I want to claim credit for this because I kind of forced him to do it. My logic was it doesn't make the album cover any worse. It's funny/terrible now rather than terrible/terrible. I feel bad about that last comment but I really hate it. :(
  13. MunchyBrain

    Beauty Product or Morrissey Song?

    THAT'S WHAT I DID. :( I thought the point was the way that Morrissey names songs, and he didn't name that song, so I assumed it was a trick question and must be a beauty product. Alas...
  14. MunchyBrain

    Artists lyrically comparable to Morrissey

    Bob Mould's lyrics (with Hüsker Dü, Sugar, and some of the solo stuff) I'd say are very comparable in terms of themes, but not writing style. They're beautiful in a different way to Morrissey lyrics. "No more rope and too much dope, She's lying on the bed, Angels pacing, gently placing...
  15. MunchyBrain

    most shocking lyric?

    LEGS UP AND APART. :eek: / every last inch of me's yours.
  16. MunchyBrain

    Which instruments did Morrissey attempt to learn when he was younger?

    I LIKE the grandpa sweater. It's how he looks like a mannequin or something, the way his arms are...
  17. MunchyBrain

    Which instruments did Morrissey attempt to learn when he was younger?

    He looks gorgeous but awkward. Not awkward in a good way, he looks really stiff and unnatural.
  18. MunchyBrain

    Which instruments did Morrissey attempt to learn when he was younger?

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