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    A few things are missing (such as the resignation of Nigel Farage, the biggest hypocrisy ever) but still...
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    Skin Storm

    Nope, it's about psoriasis. :straightface: Sorry, it's not, it really is about sex. Lovely song.
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    Do people ever get tired of saying, "Get well soon, Morrissey"

    Is he ill again? Or still? (Hi Trubs :flowers:)
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    Most memorable moz-solo members

    Re: snapyou (+the others already mentioned)
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    What is currently your favorite television show(s)?

    Mr Cornelius Blaze, Hannibal will be on Wednesday evening. Should I watch it? I kinda want to. Isn't it too disgusting? This is mine:
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    Robby in China

    Good luck Robby! How long are you going to stay in China?
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    pin ups

    I haven't had the guts yet. Most friends who've seen it, loved it (apart from Mr Cornelius Blaze, who thinks it's shallow and overrated :D).
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    She's always extraordinary in all her roles. :) Not an easy film to watch but totally worth it.
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    pin ups

    Dita is my No. 1 girl crush! :love: @realitybites: MF is ageing very nicely....
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    Best song, best line, best lyric right now

    Re: symphony for the devil Sinking down the world is round Sinking down there's no-one around Standing on the moving ground
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    Happy new year!

    Well, they look like coins, don't they? :D
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    Happy new year!

    Happy new year, strangers. Roast pork and lentils will be on tonight's menu, pork will bring us luck and lentils will hopefully mean loads of money in the new year. All the best to you too!
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    tell us about the last Film you saw

    I saw it a few weeks ago and found it adorable. Glad you liked it too. :)
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    Off-topic fight thread

    Re: All remaining dates on the current US Tour have been postponed - TTY Please show me where the discussion is on this thread.
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    Finding out that somebody you cared about is actually a heartless insincere liar

    yesitis, that's just my twocents. I didn't mean to insult you, it's just what I think.
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    Finding out that somebody you cared about is actually a heartless insincere liar

    yesitis, I'm sorry you're still not over it. I think the burden of being your only friend/lover/saviour etc. at the same time was too much for her. And it IS too much for a person. Your happiness cannot depend on others, it has to come from yourself. Also, she's very very very young. She didn't...
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    What did make you smile today?

    Is it an engagement ring? If it is, congratulations! :)
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    Song title word game

    Death at one's elbows - The Smiths
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    What tune or song do you use on your mobile when it rings?

    My incoming message alert tone is Andrew Eldritch screaming "Incoming!" from the song "Ribbons". It gives me a heart attack each time....
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