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  1. smiler

    NME calls Morrissey "...a petulant little child..."

    no one cares what the nme says - this is how i see it: Morrissey:Harmlessly intend poor joke Fan:over reaction Morrisey:over reaction and on to the next show its fine for Morrissey to turn on the lights and ask the fan why he said it - but to force him to leave and then tell him to...
  2. smiler

    jumping onstage and hugging morrissey

    Birmingham NEC outsiders tour. I was at the front - the first thing he did when he walked on was shake my hand, he sang directly too me several times in the show and finally pulled me up onto the stage towards the end. I think i was the first or maybe even the only one that night - there was a...
  3. smiler

    This is a long shot

    I wrote to him once via his then management company - found the address on the back of an album (world of morrissey or maybe my early burglary years - or maybe even one of the singles from around that time) anyway in was around 1997 and he was laying low in LA. He must have got my letter...
  4. smiler

    Writing Morrissey

    you should find out for yourself thats half the fun and who knows where it will lead. - glad you liked it
  5. smiler

    Writing Morrissey

    god is alive and magic is a foot - but you need to stop looking for signs - many people sometime feels like they are seeing signs, sometimes they can be comforting, but even these signs need to be taken lightly. The world is a magically and literal place (you may be interested to know that i am...
  6. smiler

    Writing Morrissey

    Why do you need him to respond? What are you hoping for?
  7. smiler

    New merch

    Is there anybody out there kind enough to pick me up a sweetiepie t-shirt (small) for my girlfriend? PM me please if you are.
  8. smiler

    British-based Morrissey fans; you're in for a treat this weekend!

    I hope he doesn't sing any new songs - IMO it lessens the impact of a new album if everyone is listening to youtube versions of the songs over and over before offical release.
  9. smiler

    Mozzer's 1994 wish finally comes true

    Morrissey is right of course I think the BNP is probably led by some pretty horrid people - however the fact remains that people are voting for them in significant numbers and as such (unless they are acting unlawfully) they should be allowed a voice just like the other liars thieves...
  10. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    ^^^^^^ bernard apologist.
  11. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    bernard is awful - if i ever see him i will push him over -
  12. smiler

    Official Artwork for Swords Released

    really not sure about this cover? is he bent over in the woods for a reason? - is he being coy? looking for trade? or is it a reference to something else that i have missed - is he recreating another image? - any ideas? and its not a flattering look on his face - he looks cross eyed and...
  13. smiler

    Morrissey and Marr is DEAD

    i don't long for a Morrissey/marr reunion but i do think its a possibility.
  14. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    yeah lol and thanks for finding that quote from marr when he actually said some nice things about Morrissey - it made me smile.
  15. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    maybe they email - but that really isn't much is it? - its certainly not proof of anything i don't know Morrissey's mind, l'm just guessing and i don't hold a grudge and probably Morrissey doesn't either but i think that a Morrissey/marr reunion is not gonna happen until marr makes some...
  16. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    crumbs worm! the evidence does exist other posters on this thread are saying the same things - haven't you noticed? - nobody seems to agree with you - and i just have other stuff to do i'd be happy too take johnny's word if his answers on the subject weren't so lame and transparent...
  17. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    you seem to like to argue - if you look hard enough you'll find quotes if you want them, their are too many to find/mention - lots of people on this thread remember them. evidence? give over - you are being silly if he can't say the words there will be no quotes yes he did lol...
  18. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    lol - that started off quite nice and then rapidly became horrid.
  19. smiler

    Johnny Marr; 'Morrissey and I email!'

    no i'm not finding quotes - trust me - plus others people on here say the same thing he used to say it all the time before marr failed to reponsed as positively and then the court case happened - he gave up - he was also fighting with the Smiths shadow which is understandable however unlike...
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