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    Kristeen Young posts sequined U.S. flag dress previously owned by Phyllis Diller, a (U.S.) tour gift from Morrissey

    Have we not had enough, already??? I wish her the best but just not around me.
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    "The Smiths are Dead" - Commodore 64 game released

    I must say I never thought anyone would ever mention Gail Colson again. Good for you doing your research.
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    Indiewire: "Why David Fincher Chose The Smiths for Michael Fassbender’s Zen ‘Meditation’ Soundtrack in ‘The Killer’" (September 3, 2023)

    Yes, they do own the songwriting/publishing rights. WEA owns the songs, so they will profit as well. All these bands selling their songs are selling their publishing rights. The record label usually own the songs. I know some artist like Taylor Swift were trying to get their masters back...
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    Cornelius Carr: "Warrior in Wellington Boots" Morrissey excerpts (1st published December 5, 2022)

    Thank you for the kind words. In those early days I tried to meet Morrissey as often as I possibly could. Of course, I would have a record or two with me each time. I created the video for people trying to spot fakes they might purchase. These are all real and I got them all from him. So...
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    Cornelius Carr: "Warrior in Wellington Boots" Morrissey excerpts (1st published December 5, 2022)

    Funny, he did not see Morrissey at The Point fight. I did! He was sitting ringside but about 10 rows back and on the other side of the stands where the audience we mainly sitting. I got him to sign my "Interlude" single which Siouxsie had previously signed. Treasured item to say the least...
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    Far Out: "The song Mark E. Smith used to insult Morrissey" (August 15, 2023)

    His take down of Suede.....they must have been happy as well. That Mark would even take a jab. You are bequeathed in suede You are entrenched in suede
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    Ailidh Lennon, singer from Sons & Daughters, talks life & supporting Morrissey, The Sun, Aug 14, 2023

    What about Elcka? Marion? Jet Black Machine? Smoking Popes? The Killers? Some of my fave opening acts.
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    Someone spray painted Morrissey's wall at his house where his mother lived?? What a tosser.
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    Jobriath on the front page of YAHOO!

    Interesting piece on Jobriath from Joe Elliot. I am far from a fan of Def Leppard, but this interview was on the front page of yahoo. Shocking to see Jobriath in the middle of yahoo. I like what Joe says about him and how he defends him. Would not have seen that coming. Looks like he is...
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    "Notre Dame" What's up?

    Real that it was started by terrorist not a cigarette.
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    "Notre Dame" What's up?

    What's up with the new song "Notre Dame"? Is this a conspiracy theory that terrorist attacked? Or is this real? Love the song and play it on repeat! Can't wait for the album.
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    Morrissey Central "YOU KNOW I COULDN’T LAST" (July 26, 2023)

    He sticks his neck out for people/animals all the time. He is very similar to Sinead they remind me a lot of each other. They might not support the same causes, but they support despite their money and career. They NEVER play it safe. True artist!
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    NME: "Rick Astley tells us about his Glastonbury secret set of Smiths covers with Blossoms" (June 24, 2023)

    I have to say that I was VERY upset about Rick being on the cover of "LOTFIP". So much so that I vowed never to buy another Morrissey single ever again. I had collected every single up to that point when it was released. I was wrong! I love that Rick did these shows and he has won my...
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    David Moss (son of Joe Moss) / Twitter mentions Morrissey and archival Smiths data

    I could see some misunderstanding at one point with Morrissey being the singer. Remember he was very different for the time, groundbreaking and ahead of his time. That is NEVER met with open arms by anyone. The ideas Morrissey was pushing (vegetarianism) and the images (male nude) singing...
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    Morrissey Central "UK OFFICIAL CHART THIS WEEK" (May 23, 2023)

    People want to create a memory linked the artist. They do this by buying albums and various stuff of the artist. Your brain might just not think like that. It's not wrong that people do that it might not be the way your brain works.
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