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  1. Deego

    Official Birthday Greetings Thread

    Happy birthday, handsome.
  2. Deego

    Morrissey Live At Eurockeenes 2006 Sky Arts1 (ch256) May 4th 2009 10pm.

    Anyone got a pic of Boz playing that guitar during At Last I Am Born?
  3. Deego

    Where will Morrissey go when he dies?

    What does 'In the sod' mean?
  4. Deego

    Why The Static Setlist?

    I watched an interview with Peter Hook the other day, he mentioned that fans would always complain about New Order playing the same set. His response was "well, you're not supposed to follow us round!" or something like that.
  5. Deego

    Dear God vs. Birthday

    Don't see the similarities to be honest, but FWIW I love Birthday but rarely listen to Dear God.
  6. Deego

    Disco Dancer

    Suppose it's one of those songs you have to be in the mood for. :)
  7. Deego

    What is it that you love about Morrissey?

    Re: Help! Can't really answer that, but The Smiths/Morrissey changed my life completely. Without a doubt the reason why I'm obsessed with music now, wasn't overly fussed before.
  8. Deego

    Noel Gallagher cover of There Is A Light.. to be included on free sunday times CD

    Re: there is a light covered by noel G Went down to the shop for it there. Thoughts: 1) £2 for a news paper?! 2) I'm not overly fond of it.
  9. Deego

    Disco Dancer

    Pardon? :crazy:
  10. Deego

    this is not your country

    How, in any way, is this 'off-topic'?
  11. Deego

    Southpaw Grammar/Maladjusted reissues

    Could have. Would have. Wouldn't have. Here to help. :blushing:
  12. Deego

    Southpaw Grammar/Maladjusted reissues

    Or you could just tell me? :straightface:
  13. Deego

    Southpaw Grammar/Maladjusted reissues

    Right, so when are they both released in the UK? Cheers.
  14. Deego

    Game of YOR

    Something Is Squeezing My Skull 21 Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed 21 Black Cloud 19 I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris 20 All You Need Is Me 20 When Last I Spoke to Carol 20 That's How People Grow Up 19 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell 21 It's Not Your Birthday Anymore 21+ You Were Good in Your...
  15. Deego

    Would You Dare?

    Don't know where to post this, so I'll shove it here. Am I the only one that hears "only shtone and shteel acshept my love"?
  16. Deego

    Would You Dare?

    I'd throw in a few 'Paris for the French!' lines, in The National Front Disco fashion.
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