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  1. vivabob

    "Fag," and double standards

    i take on your comment , perhaps my perception is different ... at the end of the day its your site you can do what you want , i have praised you in the past for standing by your opinions perhaps this is just a time we disagree
  2. vivabob

    "Fag," and double standards

    David you have a Poll on the front page asking for the "gayest" morrissey video , personally i find that quite offensive ...
  3. vivabob

    Top veggie restaurants?

    hendersons in edinburgh :thumb:
  4. vivabob

    please join my facebook group

    thats what its about , thanks for replying - i am not really a fan of stuff for the sake of it too
  5. vivabob

    please join my facebook group

    thanks jay make sure you sing up then
  6. vivabob

    please join my facebook group

    thanks h .. i already said that x
  7. vivabob

    please join my facebook group

    its a fair question , its more for the support of the little shop and to give them a bit of faith of support . it will also be submitted to fred perry as part of a campaign of letters being sent at the end of the day it might not make a difference but someone may take notice ...
  8. vivabob

    please join my facebook group

    thanks hellie :thumb:
  9. vivabob

    please join my facebook group

    Basically fred perry is going out its way to screw a small local business business out of selling tops at a fair price , the shop refused to put their prices up so after 39 years they have been forced to stop selling the brand...
  10. vivabob

    Linder in Glasgow
  11. vivabob

    Introduction about me

  12. vivabob

    I love Jukebox Jury

    any more tips
  13. vivabob

    The You Can Frink Whoever You Like Thread

    Ching He Huang .................YUM :blushing:
  14. vivabob

    SLC Donor is bankrupt

    thats a wee shame , he was a nice fella (well on the programme i dont actually know him)
  15. vivabob

    What does bored think of JJ?

    people i think the thing we need to bear in mind this is just an internet forum , if you dont like it dont come ... simples
  16. vivabob

    how many banned members are you friends with?

    actual friends or internet friends ??? i have 3 actual
  17. vivabob

    Song vs Song Game

    life is a pigsty vs well i wonder
  18. vivabob

    Happy Birthday Walkers Crisp

    happy birthday mrs crisps it was lovely to meet you in manchester i hope you have a nice time x its my birthday tomorrow ... i feel old
  19. vivabob

    That's it

    did you have fun
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