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  1. vivabob

    Morrissey: "The Forefather of Emo"

    in 83 the smiths were getting lumped in with the goths and even supported the sisters of mercy so i guess compaired to that things can only get better
  2. vivabob

    Updated info on new Studio Album via Wikipedia

    i couldnt find matt walkers myspace .. hoax me thinks lol
  3. vivabob

    A Return to a Quarry-styled Era -- A Good Thing, Yes?

    what tracks is alain doing have i missed a chapter ?
  4. vivabob

    story on main page about smiths song on final series of extras

    Re: The Extras last night got to be honest i would have watched it but its not very funny ... i liked the office though
  5. vivabob

    While we wait for the next good news...

    im the same glamorous glue and national front disco done it for me ... but now its , now my heart is full
  6. vivabob

    favourite tour

    the power station show was so strange ... i like how he started with hello you sexy londoners i find the older i get the more willing i am to travel
  7. vivabob

    Moz and teh drugkz

    i didnt disagree i was just clarifying and backing you up
  8. vivabob

    Broken Hearted Morrissey songs

    i think sunny is a pretty sad song ... a lament to lost love perhaps
  9. vivabob

    FYI: I Have Forgiven Morrissey!

    im no musicologist but it sounded good to me ....
  10. vivabob

    "That's How People Grow Up" Press Release

    the excitement builds ... is it still the west ham t-shirt cover ?
  11. vivabob

    favourite tour

    so what is everyones favourite tour , i have done all the uk morrissey ones (not every date) but enough to get a feel of what has been good or great for me it has to be the boxers tour in 95 , i thought it was an amazing tour and the performances for me were spot on , i was also yong enough...
  12. vivabob

    FYI: I Have Forgiven Morrissey!

    whats wrong with maladjusted ?????? it has trouble loves me on it
  13. vivabob

    Moz and teh drugkz

    he talked in an old interview of trying prozac
  14. vivabob

    andy rourke on NMT buzzcocks

    he does its mike reeds pop quiz
  15. vivabob

    andy rourke on NMT buzzcocks

    andy rourke is on never mind the buzzcocks right now sky channel 159
  16. vivabob

    Mike Joyce to recieve royalties on LOTFIPB!!

    i love these posts where someone comes on trying to rock the boat and cause a bit of a stir i think if you look at it logically people here do not mind joyce and rourke getting money that is owed to them if they did feel so stongly they wouldnt have bought the bloody smiths albums ... so why...
  17. vivabob

    Design and Name Morrissey's upcoming album

    doesnt he pay someone to do this ....
  18. vivabob

    Moz rejects Smiths reunion

    i think a smiths reunion would be te worst thing that could ever happen , leave the past in the past ... it was amazing why change it , look at the sex pistols for a reason not to reform if you dont belive me
  19. vivabob

    Morrissey and Rogan - The Severed Alliance for example
  20. vivabob

    Morrissey and Rogan - The Severed Alliance

    i think most people here have read it and if you use the seach function you can read their opinions most things writen about morrissey are worth reading , it isnt a bad book and there is loads of information in it ... is everything in it true , who knows read it and form an opinion
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