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  1. oscillate wildly

    Post your First World Problems right here

    i'm not sure if i like this homemade deodorant much.
  2. oscillate wildly

    Most memorable moz-solo members

    grrrrrrrl, the R. Kelly Fan Club will never die. :cool: <3
  3. oscillate wildly

    I don't want to wake up on my own anymore

    my dog sleeps at my feet every night. it's cute.
  4. oscillate wildly

    Would you take your life if you were destinated to be alone for the rest of your life

    Re: Would you take your life if you were destinated to be alone for the rest of your you mean not everybody does that already..? it seems I need a new life plan.
  5. oscillate wildly

    My encounter today at McDonalds for you. I went to McDs for breakfast this morning and was reminded me of this. it was a good bagel, though.
  6. oscillate wildly

    post a joke

    i LOLed.
  7. oscillate wildly

    If you were to kill yourself, how would you do it?

    this is legitimate. but really, I'd like to be crushed by a hippo.
  8. oscillate wildly

    has this happened to you? frustrating people content

    I really love "I'm So Sorry" and "I am Human and Wanna Be Loved".
  9. oscillate wildly

    Animal noises in tunes?

    Kellz can incorporate animal noises into a song like no other.
  10. oscillate wildly

    who should be banned from solo

    I'll give it a shot.
  11. oscillate wildly

    Should JJ's ban be revoked?

    I am Jukebox Jury.
  12. oscillate wildly

    Two trailer park girls go 'round the outside

    I expect great things from you now that you're back!
  13. oscillate wildly

    How has coming here changed you?

    I can't listen to Oscillate Wildly without thinking of myself. it's obvious I thought ahead. :cool:
  14. oscillate wildly

    Dedicate a song to a solo-member!

    best song ever, hahaha. Michael Bolton is the white mullet wearing version of R. Kelly.
  15. oscillate wildly

    Is anyone asexual here?

    Oprah is secretly with Gayle, remember?
  16. oscillate wildly

    'Bring Back JJ' Petition

    isn't Kewps the one who once said Jews take all the academy awards? I don't see how a baby Hitler is any better. just sayinz. p.s. trubz, NRitH should use all of his old names to sign the petition. I won't tell. :cool:
  17. oscillate wildly

    Ricky Martin Is Gay

    what does 'gay' mean? I think I heard the word before but I forget now.
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