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  1. Inox

    Alexandra Bastedo used as a cover star long before Rank

    Alexandra Bastedo was used a cover star back in 1967 by The Bob Crewe Generation - Music To Watch Birds By.
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  5. Inox

    Here we go again another fake

    Not about signed items but 100% fake....
  6. Inox

    Rare tape from Viva Hate sessions on Omega auctions

    Someone sold CD-r's with these tracks on eBay years ago....
  7. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I bought my copy from a Thai seller years ago. So, I guess it is from Thailand.... :thumb:
  8. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    No problem! I bought it years ago from a Japanese seller. According to the inside of the box it is made in England but I guess it is made in Japan.
  9. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    Ordinaryboy86 I agree with you $12 is about the maximum you should pay for these Indonesian homemade cassettes. It's nice to have some in your collection. Saying this, homemade cassettes are of all times! :thumb:
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  12. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    You are absolute right! As far as I know there is a stamped promo version for all Uruguay cassettes. Sometimes the front of the inlay is also stamped with 'PARA DIFUSION, PROHIBIDA LA VENTA'.
  13. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    As a follow up for the thread starter two variations of another Uruguay Variety cassette....
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  15. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I was watching this cassette in my eBay watch list and then it was no longer available! :) Anyway, I have never seen this cassette but I guess it might be an unofficial East European release.
  16. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    The same seller has contacted me. His prices are far too high! You will probably find them for better prices from other sellers. You are right about the Glory and the Rolling Stones logo cassettes. The Japanese debut cassette is still my favourite.
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  18. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    I am collecting cassettes for a long time. There was a time that cassettes were the unforgotten collectable and you could find them for very low prices. I haven't counted my The Smiths and Morrissey cassettes but I should have more than 400. They are stored in 11 boxes from the 80's (see...
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  20. Inox

    Most expensive TWWL cassette

    Malaysia is even better than an EU/UK release! :thumb: My cassette is still sealed. I just want to keep it like that. Thanks for the update!
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